Fragmentary information about baseball, gleaned from the movies, is not enough for full-fledged betting. Many players are discouraged by the complex rules of the game in comparison with other disciplines. What should a bettor know when betting on baseball?
This is a team game in which each player has a role to play. The match consists of 9-time intervals, called innings, consisting of “up” and “down”, during which the opponents alternately act in attack and defense.

Home teams start off defending. The most important figures are the pitcher, batter and catcher. The first one throws the ball into a certain (strike) zone, the goal of the second is to hit the ball with a bat. A catcher is a defensive player behind a bettor who catches balls. The task of the defense after hitting is to catch the ball and deliver it to the base. Until this happens, after bouncing the ball, the bettor throws the bat and runs towards 1st base. The attacker must run through three bases and return to the “home”. This is called a wound, and points are awarded to the attacking team for such actions. A step-by-step solution to the problem is possible.

How to analyze baseball matches?

There are two major approaches to baseball matches analysis. One of them is pitching based on a key figure in the game. It is based on a comprehensive study of the correlation of forces of pitchers. The second approach (hijacking) involves the analysis of other figures in the attack and defense lines, as well as taking into account additional factors, such as the stadium, the weather, the schedule of games that affect the balance of power in the upcoming fight. The analysis uses the following indicators:

  • AVG – the coefficient of successful beats, characterizes the line of attack, is determined by dividing the number of hits by the number of hits per beat;
  • ERA – shows the skill of the pitcher, the average number of runs over 9 innings.

Pitching seems to be more understandable for bettors; it covers less information during analysis. Some of the information is only available in English, so this approach is more suitable for those new to baseball gambling.

What are the features of baseball betting?

There is no big advantage over the outsiders. The ratio of victories between them fluctuates within 60/40. The odds for the clear underdog are 3.5-3.7, for the favorite – 1.3-1.4.
The defeat of the stronger team is in the order of things. For this reason, betting on a favorite with low odds is not very popular. The standard handicap in the bookmaker’s line is usually +/- 1.5. It is believed that it is not profitable to bet on such a handicap, because matches with a gap of one point are not uncommon. It is preferable to bet on a clear win if the analysis carried out indicates the likely advantage of one of the teams. Another nuance related to the handicap: if the hosts are leading in the 9th inning, then the bottom is not played. The rival has exhausted the possibilities for attack, the victory remains with the hosts. The opportunity to gain the necessary handicap is lost.
For baseball gambling, choose a bookmaker that offers a good selection of markets, including live ones. Also, note that the team’s pitchers are listed in the mainline. Their role is so significant that when the pitcher is changed, the bookmaker returns the bet with odds of 1.0. Sometimes bookmakers set different odds depending on the pitcher who will be in the starting lineup.
Some experts note the advantages of their field. In conditions of relative equality of forces, this factor becomes more important.