Some weeks before the start of the 2022 college baseball season, the previous Belen player, Armando Albert will become the starter shortstop of the Florida Owls of Atlantic University, says
Albert, a right-handed batsman, fascinated the trainer last fall. McCormack said Albert was the best defensive back on the team and the best defender for the Owls.
The coach is sure that the guy is not big, but he is able to handle it, as he is taught to act in the position. The only thing is needed just to be more of a leader.
Albert came a long way to get to the dream team. After graduation, the athlete went to Rutgers University. However, after the coaching changes, the athlete moved to Broward College without even playing a game with Rutgers.
After a year in junior college, the establishment closed this program.
From there, Armando Albert passed on Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville fulfilling the advice of ex Seattle Mariners scout Fernando Arguelles. By the way, Anthony Arguelles, his son, is performing for the Miami Hurricanes now.
Or Albert beat .312 with 10 doubles and a triple in Santa Fe and finished second on the team with nine interceptions and third with 37 attempts. He had a maximum of four RBIs in the state playoffs and was named to the tournament Roster, which helped him enter the FAU crew.

Source: Miami Herald