Why should I play CFL fantasy football on DraftKings?

cfllogo It is a great way to pad your bankroll leading up to the NFL season.  Why would it be easier?  Because you are going to have the top information out there, provided by Draftshot.com.  People will play, and at the least to start, you should see plenty of overlays (contests that do not fill up which means you have an easier chance to win).  New sports and odd sports, like Pre-Season NFL, PGA, EURO Golf, NASCAR, and MMA are a great way to win money because frankly, fewer people know about the sport.  You might see about 20-30% of the lineups that have rostered players who are not starting or not active. Fantasy players will dip their toes in the water, but like you see at pre-season football, they will play all the wrong players and do so with little to no research.  All it usually takes to win is some light reading and an expert who can help. Here at Draftshot.com our NASCAR and Golf expert, Phil Bennetzen turned me into a guy who knew not a single thing about golf or NASCAR to someone who can cash every week.

Speaking of the Game, How is the CFL football different?

I can go on and on about the Canadian Football League and how the game of football is different than American football. But, here are the cheat notes.


  • The Field Dimensions:
    • End Zone to End Zone: 110 yards (CFL) instead of 100 yards (NFL). Yes, that is 101 meters.
    • Sideline to Sideline: 65 yards wide (CFL), instead of 53.5 yards wide (NFL).
    • End Zone: 20 yards deep (CFL), instead of 10 yards deep (NFL) and the field goal post in the CFL is at the front of the end zone, not the back.
  • The Downs: 3 downs (CFL), instead of 4 downs (NFL). Play clock is 20 seconds instead of 40 seconds (NFL).
  • The Players:
    • 12 men on the field (CFL), instead of 11 (NFL).
    • The field is larger and due to that and more passing with only 3 downs, more passing with fast and smaller athletics over big and strong athletics. You have to be able to get up and down the field.
    • No Tight End (CFL) and since you have 12 players you end up with a formation of 2 slotbacks. Defensive side has 2 DB halfbacks instead of one strong safety.
  • Special Teams: Well, this might get confusing. There is no fair catch in Canadian Football. Anyone on the kicking team can recover the kickoff, doesn’t matter if it was touched. A Single or a Rouge doesn’t exist in the NFL. This is one point awarded for kicking the ball out of the end zone (it’s 20 yards), meaning that a 3 point field goal, if missed, but went out of the field of play, is worth 1 point. The receiving team has to get the ball out of the end zone or it is 1 point. A touchback is 1 point, kicking it straight out of the end zone is 1 point, you get the idea. This point will go to the defense in DraftKings fantasy football as a 1 point Rouge. Why Rouge? It’s French for Red, but just call it a single.

The Rosters

A tad bit different than the NFL. Teams need a minimum of 21 Canadian players on the roster and 7 Canadian starters. Canadians usually play O-Line, WR or safety. QB’s don’t count towards ratio. This means that a guy starting might be there, because he is a Canadian National. Announced roster updates: On the day prior to each game, CFL rules dictate that each team must declare their 46-man roster. One hour prior to kickoff on game day, two players are declared reserves and a 44-man roster consisting of 21 National players, 20 International players and three quarterbacks is submitted to game officials and exchanged between clubs.

How is Canadian Football League Fantasy Setup on DraftKings?

    The CFL consists of 9 teams, so 4 games will be played each week.

  • The Salary Cap is $50K. You need 7 players and at least 2 different teams, in 2 different games.
  • You select one QB, one RB, two WR, two Flex positions which can be either RB or WR and a Defense / Special Teams.
  • What doesn’t Change in scoring? Scoring itself is similar to the NFL DraftKings product. TD is 4 pts passing, has bonus points for yards, negative -1 for an INT. Rushing TD is 6 pts. Fumbles are negative so on. Defensive scoring is similar too for most aspects.
  • What is different? 1 pt is awarded per 20 yards for a punt or kick return (remember no fair catches and no touchbacks so ignoring guys that return kids might be silly). Rougue is plus one ‘single’ point for defense if the ball is kicked out of the end zone or not returned. The Points allowed bonus or penalty only counts points surrendered by the defense so the final score might not be the bonus or penalty you get. It excludes points scored via fumble recovery TD, pick-6, etc. It does include the single Rouge though.


Saskatchewan Roughriders

Toronto Argonauts

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Montreal Alouettes

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Edmonton Eskimos

Calgary Stampeders

BC Lions

Ottawa Redblacks