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The Toronto Raptors started in 1995 and struggled out the gates until they drafted Vince Carter in 1998. Vince Carter filled the stands and electrified the fan base with his acrobatic dunks and explosive offensive ability. The Raptors went to the playoffs for three straight years from 2000-2002.

Toronto Raptors

Eastern Conference – Atlantic Division

Coach Dwane Casey

DeMar DeRozan111134.636.537.
Kyle Lowry111131.029.131.412.
Serge Ibaka101027.024.124.713.
Jonas Valanciunas7721.623.423.910.
Jakob Poeltl11016.818.317.
Norman Powell111123.71817.
Lucas Nogueira8215.117.615.
Delon Wright11021.617.
Pascal Siakam10316.717.
C.J. Miles10018.613.814.
OG Anunoby11016.513.2135.
Fred VanVleet11012.
Alfonzo McKinnie303.
Bruno Caboclo203.532.

Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

05/07@ CLEL, 93-128LeBron James 29LeBron James 8
05/05@ CLEL, 103-105LeBron James 38Kevin Love 16
05/03vs CLEL, 110-128LeBron James 43Kevin Love 11
05/01vs CLEL, 112-113LeBron James 26Kevin Love 13
04/27@ WASW, 102-92Bradley Beal 32Markieff Morris 15
04/25vs WASW, 108-98DeMar DeRozan 32Marcin Gortat 12
04/22@ WASL, 98-106DeMar DeRozan 35Serge Ibaka 10
04/20@ WASL, 103-122John Wall 28Otto Porter 8
04/17vs WASW, 130-119DeMar DeRozan 37Serge Ibaka 9
04/14vs WASW, 114-106John Wall 23Serge Ibaka 12
04/11@ MIAL, 109-116Wayne Ellington 32Jakob Poeltl 12
04/09@ DETW, 108-98Jonas Valanciunas 25Jonas Valanciunas 9
04/08vs ORLW, 112-101C.J. Miles 22Khem Birch 12
04/06vs INDW, 92-73Serge Ibaka 25Jonas Valanciunas 12
04/04vs BOSW, 96-78Marcus Morris 21Terry Rozier 9
04/03@ CLEL, 106-112LeBron James 27Kevin Love 15
03/31@ BOSL, 99-110DeMar DeRozan 32Jonas Valanciunas 11
03/27vs DENW, 114-110Nikola Jokic 29Nikola Jokic 16
03/25vs LACL, 106-117Louis Williams 26DeAndre Jordan 14
03/23vs BKNW, 116-112Kyle Lowry 25D’Angelo Russell 11
03/21@ CLEL, 129-132LeBron James 35Kevin Love 12
03/20@ ORLW, 93-86Kyle Lowry 25Nikola Vucevic 9
03/18vs OKCL, 125-132Russell Westbrook 37Russell Westbrook 13
03/16vs DALW, 122-115DeMar DeRozan 29Jonas Valanciunas 12
03/15@ INDW, 106-99DeMar DeRozan 24Jonas Valanciunas 17
03/13@ BKNW, 116-102D’Angelo Russell 32Jonas Valanciunas 14
03/11@ NYKW, 132-106Tim Hardaway Jr. 25Michael Beasley 11
03/09vs HOUW, 108-105James Harden 40Clint Capela 13
03/07@ DETW, 121-119DeMar DeRozan 42Andre Drummond 21
03/06vs ATLW, 106-90DeMar DeRozan 25Dewayne Dedmon 10
03/04vs CHAW, 103-98Kemba Walker 27Jonas Valanciunas 13
03/02@ WASW, 102-95Otto Porter 24Marcin Gortat 8
02/28@ ORLW, 117-104DeMar DeRozan 21Bismack Biyombo 11
02/26vs DETW, 123-94DeMar DeRozan 20Andre Drummond 18
02/23vs MILL, 119-122DeMar DeRozan 33Giannis Antetokounmpo 12
02/14@ CHIW, 122-98Serge Ibaka 20Jonas Valanciunas 9
02/13vs MIAW, 115-112Goran Dragic 28Dwyane Wade 11
02/11@ CHAW, 123-103DeMar DeRozan 25Dwight Howard 13
02/08vs NYKW, 113-88Michael Beasley 21Jonas Valanciunas 10
02/06vs BOSW, 111-91Kyle Lowry 23Kyle Lowry 8
02/04vs MEMW, 101-86Marc Gasol 20Jonas Valanciunas 9
02/02vs PORW, 130-105DeMar DeRozan 35Al-Farouq Aminu 9
02/01@ WASL, 119-122Kyle Lowry 29Otto Porter 11
01/30vs MINW, 109-104Jimmy Butler 25Jonas Valanciunas 11
01/28vs LALW, 123-111Fred VanVleet 25Kyle Lowry 11
01/26vs UTAL, 93-97Jonas Valanciunas 28Rudy Gobert 15
01/24@ ATLW, 108-93Dennis Schroder 20John Collins 16
01/20@ MINL, 109-115Kyle Lowry 40Karl-Anthony Towns 10
01/19vs SASW, 86-83Kyle Lowry 24LaMarcus Aldridge 14
01/17vs DETW, 96-91Andre Drummond 25Andre Drummond 17
01/15@ PHIL, 111-117Joel Embiid 34Joel Embiid 11
01/13vs GSWL, 125-127DeMar DeRozan 42Jonas Valanciunas 9
01/11vs CLEW, 133-99LeBron James 26Jonas Valanciunas 18
01/09vs MIAL, 89-90DeMar DeRozan 25Hassan Whiteside 15
01/08@ BKNW, 114-113DeMar DeRozan 35Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 17
01/05@ MILW, 129-110Giannis Antetokounmpo 24Jonas Valanciunas 13
01/03@ CHIW, 124-115DeMar DeRozan 35Delon Wright 13
01/01vs MILW, 131-127DeMar DeRozan 52Giannis Antetokounmpo 9
12/29vs ATLW, 111-98Taurean Prince 30Jonas Valanciunas 11
12/27@ OKCL, 107-124Paul George 33Andre Roberson 10
12/26@ DALL, 93-98Kyle Lowry 23Serge Ibaka 12
12/23vs PHIW, 102-86DeMar DeRozan 29Joel Embiid 8
12/21@ PHIW, 114-109DeMar DeRozan 45Dario Saric 10
12/20@ CHAW, 129-111Jeremy Lamb 32Dwight Howard 9
12/17vs SACW, 108-93DeMar DeRozan 21Jonas Valanciunas 16
12/15vs BKNW, 120-87DeMar DeRozan 31Kyle Lowry 10
12/13@ PHOW, 115-109DeMar DeRozan 37Serge Ibaka 13
12/11@ LACL, 91-96Jonas Valanciunas 23DeAndre Jordan 17
12/10@ SACW, 102-87DeMar DeRozan 25Kyle Lowry 12
12/08@ MEMW, 116-107Tyreke Evans 27Jonas Valanciunas 8
12/05vs PHOW, 126-113DeMar DeRozan 20Greg Monroe 10
12/01vs INDW, 120-115Victor Oladipo 36Domantas Sabonis 8
11/29vs CHAW, 126-113Kyle Lowry 36Dwight Howard 10
11/25@ ATLW, 112-78Norman Powell 17Kyle Lowry 13
11/24@ INDL, 104-107Kyle Lowry 24Myles Turner 10
11/22@ NYKL, 100-108Tim Hardaway Jr. 38Kristaps Porzingis 12
11/19vs WASW, 100-91DeMar DeRozan 33Marcin Gortat 12
11/17vs NYKW, 107-84DeMar DeRozan 22Kyle Lowry 8
11/15@ NORW, 125-116DeMar DeRozan 25Kyle Lowry 11
11/14@ HOUW, 129-113James Harden 38Clint Capela 11
11/12@ BOSL, 94-95DeMar DeRozan 24Daniel Theis 8
11/09vs NORW, 122-118Jrue Holiday 34DeMarcus Cousins 15
11/07vs CHIW, 119-114DeMar DeRozan 24Bobby Portis 13
11/05vs WASL, 96-107Bradley Beal 38Marcin Gortat 12
11/03@ UTAW, 109-100DeMar DeRozan 37Jonas Valanciunas 8
11/01@ DENL, 111-129Jamal Murray 24Nikola Jokic 16
10/30@ PORW, 99-85Damian Lillard 36Kyle Lowry 10
10/27@ LALW, 101-92DeMar DeRozan 24Kyle Kuzma 10
10/25@ GSWL, 112-117Stephen Curry 30Jakob Poeltl 14
10/23@ SASL, 97-101DeMar DeRozan 28Dejounte Murray 14
10/21vs PHIW, 128-94DeMar DeRozan 30Ben Simmons 10
10/19vs CHIW, 117-101Jonas Valanciunas 23Jonas Valanciunas 15