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The Oklahoma City Thunder started as the SeattleSupersonics. They relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008 due to an ongoing lawsuit. They have one NBA championship as the Seattle SuperSonics and one NBA finals appearance as the Oklahoma City Thunder. They lost to the Miami Heat during the 2012 NBA finals.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Western Conference – Northwest Division

Coach Billy Donovan


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

01/19@ PHIW, 117-115Paul George 0Patrick Patterson 1
01/17vs LALL, 128-138Kyle Kuzma 32Steven Adams 15
01/15@ ATLL, 126-142Russell Westbrook 31Alex Len 11
01/12vs SASW, 122-112Russell Westbrook 24Paul George 11
01/10@ SASL, 147-154LaMarcus Aldridge 56Russell Westbrook 13
01/08vs MINL, 117-119Andrew Wiggins 40Steven Adams 12
01/06vs WASL, 98-116Bradley Beal 25Russell Westbrook 15
01/04@ PORW, 111-109Paul George 37Al-Farouq Aminu 15
01/02@ LALW, 107-100Paul George 37Russell Westbrook 16
12/31vs DALW, 122-102Russell Westbrook 32Steven Adams 13
12/30@ DALL, 103-105Paul George 36DeAndre Jordan 17
12/28@ PHOW, 118-102Russell Westbrook 40Steven Adams 13
12/25@ HOUL, 109-113James Harden 41Clint Capela 23
12/23vs MINL, 112-114Paul George 31Russell Westbrook 11
12/22@ UTAW, 107-106Paul George 43Paul George 14
12/19@ SACW, 132-113Paul George 43Steven Adams 23
12/17vs CHIW, 121-96Paul George 24Russell Westbrook 16
12/15vs LACW, 110-104Paul George 33Tobias Harris 9
12/14@ DENL, 98-109Paul George 32Nikola Jokic 15
12/12@ NORL, 114-118Anthony Davis 44Anthony Davis 18
12/10vs UTAW, 122-113Paul George 31Rudy Gobert 14
12/07@ CHIL, 112-114Zach LaVine 25Russell Westbrook 17
12/05@ BKNW, 114-112Paul George 47Paul George 15
12/03@ DETW, 110-83Steven Adams 21Paul George 10
11/30vs ATLW, 124-109Russell Westbrook 23Steven Adams 13
11/28vs CLEW, 100-83Jordan Clarkson 25Russell Westbrook 19
11/24vs DENL, 98-105Paul George 24Steven Adams 14
11/23vs CHAW, 109-104Russell Westbrook 30Russell Westbrook 12
11/21@ GSWW, 123-95Dennis Schroder 32Kevin Durant 14
11/19@ SACL, 113-117Russell Westbrook 29Steven Adams 15
11/17@ PHOW, 110-100Paul George 32Paul George 11
11/14vs NYKW, 128-103Paul George 35Paul George 7
11/12vs PHOW, 118-101Paul George 32Jerami Grant 8
11/10@ DALL, 96-111Luka Doncic 22Steven Adams 13
11/08vs HOUW, 98-80Paul George 20Paul George 11
11/07@ CLEW, 95-86Dennis Schroder 28Tristan Thompson 15
11/05vs NORW, 122-116Julius Randle 26Nikola Mirotic 16
11/02@ WASW, 134-111Bradley Beal 27Nerlens Noel 7
11/01@ CHAW, 111-107Russell Westbrook 29Steven Adams 12
10/30vs LACW, 128-110Paul George 32Paul George 12
10/28vs PHOW, 117-110Russell Westbrook 23Nerlens Noel 15
10/25vs BOSL, 95-101Jayson Tatum 24Russell Westbrook 15
10/21vs SACL, 120-131Russell Westbrook 32Steven Adams 14
10/19@ LACL, 92-108Tobias Harris 26Steven Adams 18
10/16@ GSWL, 100-108Stephen Curry 32Draymond Green 13