What started out as the New York Knickerbockers has turned into the New York Knicks. They are one of two NBA teams who are still in their original city. New York plays in Madison Square Garden but has struggled to become a consistent playoff contender since the early 2000’s.

New York Knicks

Eastern Conference – Atlantic Division

Coach Kurt Rambis


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

01/30vs DALL, 90-114Dorian Finney-Smith 9Dorian Finney-Smith 4
01/28@ CHAL, 92-101Tim Hardaway Jr. 17Tim Hardaway Jr. 10
01/27vs MIAL, 97-106Tim Hardaway Jr. 22Tim Hardaway Jr. 6
01/25@ BKNL, 99-109Tim Hardaway Jr. 10Tim Hardaway Jr. 3
01/23vs HOUL, 110-114James Harden 61James Harden 15
01/21vs OKCL, 109-127Tim Hardaway Jr. 23Tim Hardaway Jr. 2
01/17@ WASL, 100-101Bradley Beal 26Otto Porter 11
01/13vs PHIL, 105-108Kevin Knox 31Ben Simmons 22
01/11vs INDL, 106-121Domantas Sabonis 22Domantas Sabonis 15
01/08@ GSWL, 95-122Klay Thompson 43Enes Kanter 16
01/07@ PORL, 101-111Jusuf Nurkic 20Noah Vonleh 14
01/04@ LALW, 119-112Tim Hardaway Jr. 22Enes Kanter 15
01/01@ DENL, 108-115Malik Beasley 23Noah Vonleh 14
12/29@ UTAL, 97-129Rudy Gobert 25Rudy Gobert 16
12/27@ MILL, 96-112Giannis Antetokounmpo 31D.J. Wilson 14
12/25vs MILL, 95-109Giannis Antetokounmpo 30Noah Vonleh 15
12/21vs ATLL, 107-114Emmanuel Mudiay 32John Collins 16
12/19@ PHIL, 109-131Tim Hardaway Jr. 27Ben Simmons 11
12/17vs PHOL, 110-128Devin Booker 38Deandre Ayton 13
12/16@ INDL, 99-110Victor Oladipo 26Enes Kanter 15
12/14@ CHAW, 126-124Emmanuel Mudiay 34Cody Zeller 13
12/12@ CLEL, 106-113Jordan Clarkson 28Larry Nance 11
12/09vs CHAL, 107-119Kevin Knox 26Kevin Knox 15
12/08vs BKNL, 104-112Spencer Dinwiddie 25Enes Kanter 14
12/06@ BOSL, 100-128Kyrie Irving 22Al Horford 12
12/03vs WASL, 107-110Bradley Beal 27Enes Kanter 16
12/01vs MILW, 136-134Giannis Antetokounmpo 33Giannis Antetokounmpo 19
11/28@ PHIL, 91-117Joel Embiid 26Joel Embiid 14
11/27@ DETL, 108-115Blake Griffin 30Andre Drummond 14
11/25@ MEMW, 103-98Marc Gasol 27Enes Kanter 26
11/23vs NORW, 114-109Anthony Davis 33Anthony Davis 12
11/21@ BOSW, 117-109Trey Burke 29Noah Vonleh 10
11/20vs PORL, 114-118Tim Hardaway Jr. 32Noah Vonleh 14
11/18@ ORLL, 117-131Tim Hardaway Jr. 32Enes Kanter 19
11/16@ NORL, 124-129Anthony Davis 43Anthony Davis 17
11/14@ OKCL, 103-128Paul George 35Paul George 7
11/11vs ORLL, 89-115Terrence Ross 22Enes Kanter 15
11/10@ TORL, 112-128Tim Hardaway Jr. 27Enes Kanter 15
11/07@ ATLW, 112-107Tim Hardaway Jr. 34Noah Vonleh 13
11/05vs CHIL, 115-116Zach LaVine 41Enes Kanter 24
11/04@ WASL, 95-108John Wall 26Enes Kanter 12
11/02@ DALW, 118-106Allonzo Trier 23DeAndre Jordan 10
10/31vs INDL, 101-107Tim Hardaway Jr. 37Noah Vonleh 10
10/29vs BKNW, 115-96Tim Hardaway Jr. 25Enes Kanter 15
10/26vs GSWL, 100-128Kevin Durant 41Enes Kanter 13
10/24@ MIAL, 87-110Hassan Whiteside 22Hassan Whiteside 14
10/22@ MILL, 113-124Giannis Antetokounmpo 31Giannis Antetokounmpo 15
10/20vs BOSL, 101-103Tim Hardaway Jr. 24Enes Kanter 15
10/19@ BKNL, 105-107Tim Hardaway Jr. 29Jarrett Allen 11
10/17vs ATLW, 126-107Tim Hardaway Jr. 31Enes Kanter 11