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What started out as the New York Knickerbockers has turned into the New York Knicks. They are one of two NBA teams who are still in their original city. New York plays in Madison Square Garden but has struggled to become a consistent playoff contender since the early 2000’s.

New York Knicks

Eastern Conference – Atlantic Division

Coach Kurt Rambis


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

01/21@ LALL, 107-127Jordan Clarkson 29Enes Kanter 14
01/19@ UTAW, 117-115Tim Hardaway Jr. 31Rudy Gobert 14
01/17@ MEML, 99-105Tyreke Evans 23JaMychal Green 13
01/15@ BKNW, 119-104Kristaps Porzingis 26Michael Beasley 10
01/14vs NORL, 118-123Anthony Davis 48Anthony Davis 17
01/12@ MINL, 108-118Karl-Anthony Towns 23Karl-Anthony Towns 15
01/10vs CHIL, 119-122Lauri Markkanen 33Michael Beasley 12
01/07@ DALW, 100-96Kristaps Porzingis 29Enes Kanter 18
01/05@ MIAL, 103-107Wayne Ellington 24Michael Beasley 10
01/03@ WASL, 103-121Bradley Beal 27Markieff Morris 11
01/02vs SASL, 91-100LaMarcus Aldridge 29Michael Beasley 9
12/30@ NORW, 105-103Anthony Davis 31DeMarcus Cousins 19
12/28@ SASL, 107-119LaMarcus Aldridge 25Michael Beasley 12
12/27@ CHIL, 87-92Kristaps Porzingis 23Enes Kanter 11
12/25vs PHIL, 98-105Enes Kanter 31Enes Kanter 22
12/22@ DETL, 101-104Kristaps Porzingis 29Enes Kanter 16
12/21vs BOSW, 102-93Kyrie Irving 32Michael Beasley 12
12/18@ CHAL, 91-109Frank Kaminsky 24Dwight Howard 10
12/16vs OKCW, 111-96Michael Beasley 30Paul George 9
12/14@ BKNW, 111-104Courtney Lee 27Kyle O’Quinn 10
12/12vs LALW, 113-109Kristaps Porzingis 37Kristaps Porzingis 11
12/10vs ATLW, 111-107Kristaps Porzingis 30Kristaps Porzingis 8
12/09@ CHIL, 102-104Kristaps Porzingis 23Enes Kanter 11
12/06vs MEMW, 99-88Courtney Lee 24Enes Kanter 12
12/04@ INDL, 97-115Thaddeus Young 20Domantas Sabonis 12
12/03vs ORLL, 100-105Nikola Vucevic 34Enes Kanter 16
11/29vs MIAW, 115-86Enes Kanter 22Enes Kanter 14
11/27vs PORL, 91-103Damian Lillard 32Noah Vonleh 12
11/25@ HOUL, 102-117James Harden 37Clint Capela 15
11/24@ ATLL, 104-116Kristaps Porzingis 28Taurean Prince 8
11/22vs TORW, 108-100Tim Hardaway Jr. 38Kristaps Porzingis 12
11/20vs LACW, 107-85Kristaps Porzingis 25Enes Kanter 16
11/17@ TORL, 84-107DeMar DeRozan 22Kyle Lowry 8
11/15vs UTAW, 106-101Rodney Hood 30Derrick Favors 10
11/13vs CLEL, 101-104Tim Hardaway Jr. 28Enes Kanter 16
11/11vs SACW, 118-91Kristaps Porzingis 34Enes Kanter 13
11/08@ ORLL, 99-112Tim Hardaway Jr. 26Tim Hardaway Jr. 11
11/07vs CHAW, 118-113Kristaps Porzingis 28Dwight Howard 9
11/05vs INDW, 108-101Kristaps Porzingis 40Enes Kanter 18
11/03vs PHOW, 120-107Kristaps Porzingis 37Enes Kanter 15
11/01vs HOUL, 97-119James Harden 31Clint Capela 13
10/30vs DENW, 116-110Kristaps Porzingis 38Kyle O’Quinn 12
10/29@ CLEW, 114-95Tim Hardaway Jr. 34Enes Kanter 12
10/27vs BKNW, 107-86Kristaps Porzingis 30Kyle O’Quinn 12
10/24@ BOSL, 89-110Jaylen Brown 23Enes Kanter 19
10/21vs DETL, 107-111Kristaps Porzingis 33Andre Drummond 12
10/19@ OKCL, 84-105Kristaps Porzingis 31Kristaps Porzingis 12