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Los Angeles Clippers

Western Conference – Pacific Division

Coach Doc Rivers


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

01/22vs MINL, 118-126Andrew Wiggins 40Karl-Anthony Towns 17
01/20@ UTAL, 113-125Louis Williams 31Derrick Favors 12
01/17vs DENW, 109-104Blake Griffin 20Mason Plumlee 14
01/15vs HOUW, 113-102Louis Williams 31Wesley Johnson 12
01/13vs SACW, 126-105Louis Williams 26Willie Cauley-Stein 13
01/11@ SACW, 121-115Louis Williams 30Kosta Koufos 14
01/10@ GSWW, 125-106Louis Williams 50DeAndre Jordan 12
01/08vs ATLW, 108-107Louis Williams 34DeAndre Jordan 18
01/06vs GSWL, 105-121Stephen Curry 45Draymond Green 12
01/04vs OKCL, 117-127Paul George 31DeAndre Jordan 17
01/02vs MEMW, 113-105Louis Williams 33DeAndre Jordan 9
12/31vs CHAW, 106-98Louis Williams 40DeAndre Jordan 16
12/29@ LALW, 121-106Blake Griffin 24DeAndre Jordan 16
12/26vs SACW, 122-95Montrezl Harrell 22DeAndre Jordan 15
12/23@ MEML, 112-115Austin Rivers 38DeAndre Jordan 18
12/22@ HOUW, 128-118James Harden 51DeAndre Jordan 20
12/20vs PHOW, 108-95T.J. Warren 22DeAndre Jordan 20
12/18@ SASL, 91-109LaMarcus Aldridge 19DeAndre Jordan 14
12/16@ MIAL, 85-90Josh Richardson 28DeAndre Jordan 20
12/15@ WASL, 91-100Louis Williams 23DeAndre Jordan 16
12/13@ ORLW, 106-95Louis Williams 31DeAndre Jordan 20
12/11vs TORW, 96-91Jonas Valanciunas 23DeAndre Jordan 17
12/09vs WASW, 113-112Louis Williams 35DeAndre Jordan 17
12/06vs MINL, 107-113Louis Williams 23DeAndre Jordan 21
12/03@ MINL, 106-112Jimmy Butler 33DeAndre Jordan 12
12/02@ DALL, 82-108Jose Barea 21DeAndre Jordan 17
11/30vs UTAL, 107-126Alec Burks 28DeAndre Jordan 16
11/27vs LALW, 120-115Louis Williams 42Blake Griffin 11
11/25@ SACW, 97-95Blake Griffin 33DeAndre Jordan 16
11/22@ ATLW, 116-103Blake Griffin 26DeAndre Jordan 16
11/20@ NYKL, 85-107Kristaps Porzingis 25Enes Kanter 16
11/18@ CHAL, 87-102Kemba Walker 26Dwight Howard 16
11/17@ CLEL, 113-118LeBron James 39DeAndre Jordan 22
11/13vs PHIL, 105-109Joel Embiid 32Joel Embiid 16
11/11@ NORL, 103-111DeMarcus Cousins 35DeMarcus Cousins 15
11/10@ OKCL, 111-120Paul George 42DeAndre Jordan 12
11/07@ SASL, 107-120LaMarcus Aldridge 25Blake Griffin 9
11/05vs MIAL, 101-104Blake Griffin 23DeAndre Jordan 19
11/04vs MEML, 104-113Blake Griffin 30Blake Griffin 11
11/01vs DALW, 119-98Blake Griffin 20DeAndre Jordan 9
10/30vs GSWL, 113-141Stephen Curry 31DeAndre Jordan 11
10/28vs DETL, 87-95Austin Rivers 20Andre Drummond 17
10/26@ PORW, 104-103Blake Griffin 25DeAndre Jordan 18
10/24vs UTAW, 102-84Blake Griffin 22DeAndre Jordan 18
10/21vs PHOW, 130-88Blake Griffin 29Tyson Chandler 14
10/19@ LALW, 108-92Blake Griffin 29DeAndre Jordan 24