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The Houston Rockets were established in 1967 and played in 1967. They moved to Houston in 1971 and have won two NBA championships since then. Their most exciting years began when Hakeem Olajuwon took second in rookie of the year to Michael Jordan. James Harden and Dwight Howard were supposed to form a dominant duo but Howard has been injury prone since arriving in Houston.

Houston Rockets

Western Conference – Southwest Division

Coach J.B. Bickerstaff

James Harden121236.252.356.329.
Chris Paul1133.038364.
Clint Capela121224.834.43413.310.
Eric Gordon111033.630.533.
Trevor Ariza101035.823.623.
Ryan Anderson121231.421.522.711.
Luc Mbah a Moute11327.719.518.
P.J. Tucker12029.11918.
Nene Hilario9014.914.
Tarik Black708.
Bobby Brown7010.
Demetrius Jackson806.
Troy Williams203.5442.
Zhou Qi505.
Isaiah Canaan104.0110.

Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

10/20@ LALW, 124-115James Harden 36Clint Capela 12
10/17vs NORL, 112-131Anthony Davis 32Anthony Davis 16
05/28vs GSWL, 92-101Kevin Durant 34Draymond Green 13
05/26@ GSWL, 86-115James Harden 32Clint Capela 15
05/24vs GSWW, 98-94Kevin Durant 29Draymond Green 15
05/22@ GSWW, 95-92James Harden 30P.J. Tucker 16
05/20@ GSWL, 85-126Stephen Curry 35Draymond Green 17
05/16vs GSWW, 127-105Kevin Durant 38James Harden 10
05/14vs GSWL, 106-119James Harden 41Chris Paul 11
05/08vs UTAW, 112-102Chris Paul 41Rudy Gobert 9
05/06@ UTAW, 100-87Chris Paul 27Clint Capela 15
05/04@ UTAW, 113-92Eric Gordon 25Rudy Gobert 9
05/02vs UTAL, 108-116James Harden 32Rudy Gobert 14
04/29vs UTAW, 110-96James Harden 41Clint Capela 12
04/25vs MINW, 122-104Clint Capela 26Clint Capela 15
04/23@ MINW, 119-100James Harden 36Clint Capela 17
04/21@ MINL, 105-121James Harden 29Karl-Anthony Towns 16
04/18vs MINW, 102-82Chris Paul 27Clint Capela 16
04/15vs MINW, 104-101James Harden 44Clint Capela 12
04/11@ SACL, 83-96Gerald Green 31Tarik Black 11
04/10@ LALW, 105-99Chris Paul 22Clint Capela 12
04/07vs OKCL, 102-108James Harden 26P.J. Tucker 10
04/05vs PORW, 96-94Chris Paul 27Jusuf Nurkic 11
04/03vs WASW, 120-104James Harden 38James Harden 10
04/01@ SASL, 83-100James Harden 25LaMarcus Aldridge 14
03/30vs PHOW, 104-103James Harden 28Marquese Chriss 11
03/27vs CHIW, 118-86Eric Gordon 31Noah Vonleh 12
03/25vs ATLW, 118-99Taurean Prince 28James Harden 10
03/24vs NORW, 114-91James Harden 27Clint Capela 16
03/22vs DETW, 100-96Eric Gordon 22Andre Drummond 20
03/20@ PORW, 115-111James Harden 42Jusuf Nurkic 11
03/18@ MINW, 129-120James Harden 34Karl-Anthony Towns 18
03/17@ NORW, 107-101James Harden 32Anthony Davis 13
03/15vs LACW, 101-96Tobias Harris 29DeAndre Jordan 18
03/12vs SASW, 109-93James Harden 28Clint Capela 9
03/11@ DALW, 105-82Eric Gordon 26Kyle Collinsworth 10
03/09@ TORL, 105-108James Harden 40Clint Capela 13
03/07@ MILW, 110-99Giannis Antetokounmpo 30Khris Middleton 12
03/06@ OKCW, 122-112Russell Westbrook 32Steven Adams 8
03/03vs BOSW, 123-120Eric Gordon 29Clint Capela 17
02/28@ LACW, 105-92James Harden 25DeAndre Jordan 16
02/26@ UTAW, 96-85James Harden 26James Harden 11
02/25@ DENW, 119-114James Harden 41Nikola Jokic 14
02/23vs MINW, 120-102James Harden 31Karl-Anthony Towns 13
02/14vs SACW, 100-91James Harden 28Clint Capela 11
02/13@ MINW, 126-108Karl-Anthony Towns 35Clint Capela 12
02/11vs DALW, 104-97James Harden 27Dwight Powell 12
02/09vs DENW, 130-104James Harden 28Clint Capela 25
02/07@ MIAW, 109-101James Harden 41Hassan Whiteside 17
02/06@ BKNW, 123-113James Harden 36Clint Capela 11
02/03@ CLEW, 120-88Chris Paul 22LeBron James 9
02/01@ SASW, 102-91James Harden 28Clint Capela 13
01/30vs ORLW, 114-107James Harden 60Clint Capela 13
01/28vs PHOW, 113-102Devin Booker 31Tyson Chandler 15
01/26@ NORL, 113-115Chris Paul 38DeMarcus Cousins 13
01/24@ DALW, 104-97Wes Matthews 29Clint Capela 13
01/22vs MIAW, 99-90James Harden 28Hassan Whiteside 13
01/20vs GSWW, 116-108Chris Paul 33Ryan Anderson 13
01/18vs MINW, 116-98Eric Gordon 30Karl-Anthony Towns 16
01/15@ LACL, 102-113Louis Williams 31Wesley Johnson 12
01/12@ PHOW, 112-95Devin Booker 27Clint Capela 16
01/10vs PORW, 121-112Chris Paul 37Ed Davis 10
01/08@ CHIW, 116-107Chris Paul 24Clint Capela 16
01/06@ DETL, 101-108Tobias Harris 27Clint Capela 11
01/04vs GSWL, 114-124Eric Gordon 30Draymond Green 14
01/03@ ORLW, 116-98Gerald Green 27Mario Hezonja 9
12/31vs LALW, 148-142James Harden 40Julius Randle 15
12/29@ WASL, 103-121Otto Porter 26Tarik Black 12
12/28@ BOSL, 98-99James Harden 34P.J. Tucker 9
12/25@ OKCL, 107-112Russell Westbrook 31Clint Capela 10
12/22vs LACL, 118-128James Harden 51DeAndre Jordan 20
12/20vs LALL, 116-122James Harden 51Trevor Ariza 11
12/18vs UTAW, 120-99Eric Gordon 33Clint Capela 20
12/16vs MILW, 115-111James Harden 31P.J. Tucker 10
12/15vs SASW, 124-109James Harden 28Clint Capela 10
12/13vs CHAW, 108-96Chris Paul 31Dwight Howard 18
12/11vs NORW, 130-123Jrue Holiday 37DeMarcus Cousins 14
12/09@ PORW, 124-117James Harden 48Clint Capela 10
12/07@ UTAW, 112-101James Harden 29Chris Paul 9
12/03@ LALW, 118-95James Harden 36Clint Capela 13
11/29vs INDW, 118-97James Harden 29Clint Capela 13
11/27vs BKNW, 117-103James Harden 37James Harden 10
11/25vs NYKW, 117-102James Harden 37Clint Capela 15
11/22vs DENW, 125-95Trevor Ariza 25P.J. Tucker 11
11/18@ MEMW, 105-83James Harden 29Clint Capela 13
11/16@ PHOW, 142-116James Harden 48Alex Len 13
11/14vs TORL, 113-129James Harden 38Clint Capela 11
11/12@ INDW, 118-95Victor Oladipo 28Clint Capela 17
11/11vs MEMW, 111-96James Harden 38Clint Capela 14
11/09vs CLEW, 117-113James Harden 35Clint Capela 13
11/05vs UTAW, 137-110James Harden 56P.J. Tucker 9
11/03@ ATLW, 119-104James Harden 29John Collins 12
11/01@ NYKW, 119-97James Harden 31Clint Capela 13
10/30vs PHIL, 107-115James Harden 29Clint Capela 15
10/28@ MEML, 89-103Chandler Parsons 24Clint Capela 12
10/27@ CHAW, 109-93James Harden 27Dwight Howard 16
10/25@ PHIW, 105-104Eric Gordon 29Clint Capela 20
10/23vs MEML, 90-98Eric Gordon 27James Ennis 11
10/21vs DALW, 107-91James Harden 29Clint Capela 10
10/18@ SACW, 105-100James Harden 27Clint Capela 17
10/17@ GSWW, 122-121James Harden 27Draymond Green 11