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The Houston Rockets were established in 1967 and played in 1967. They moved to Houston in 1971 and have won two NBA championships since then. Their most exciting years began when Hakeem Olajuwon took second in rookie of the year to Michael Jordan. James Harden and Dwight Howard were supposed to form a dominant duo but Howard has been injury prone since arriving in Houston.

Houston Rockets

Western Conference – Southwest Division

Coach J.B. Bickerstaff


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

12/15@ MEMW, 105-97James Harden 32James Harden 12
12/13vs LALW, 126-111James Harden 50Clint Capela 14
12/11vs PORW, 111-104Damian Lillard 34Al-Farouq Aminu 15
12/08@ DALL, 104-107James Harden 35DeAndre Jordan 20
12/06@ UTAL, 91-118Derrick Favors 24Clint Capela 10
12/03@ MINL, 91-103James Harden 29Taj Gibson 11
12/01vs CHIW, 121-105James Harden 30Clint Capela 15
11/30@ SASW, 136-105Clint Capela 27Clint Capela 12
11/28vs DALL, 108-128James Harden 25James Harden 11
11/26@ WASL, 131-135James Harden 54Clint Capela 14
11/24@ CLEL, 108-117James Harden 40Tristan Thompson 20
11/23@ DETL, 111-116James Harden 33Clint Capela 21
11/21vs DETW, 126-124James Harden 43Clint Capela 15
11/17vs SACW, 132-112James Harden 34Clint Capela 16
11/15vs GSWW, 107-86James Harden 27Clint Capela 10
11/13@ DENW, 109-99Clint Capela 24Nikola Jokic 12
11/11vs INDW, 115-103James Harden 40Victor Oladipo 10
11/10@ SASL, 89-96LaMarcus Aldridge 27Clint Capela 17
11/08@ OKCL, 80-98Paul George 20Paul George 11
11/05@ INDW, 98-94James Harden 28Thaddeus Young 11
11/03@ CHIW, 96-88James Harden 25Wendell Carter Jr. 13
11/02@ BKNW, 119-111Chris Paul 32Clint Capela 13
10/30vs PORL, 85-104Jusuf Nurkic 22Clint Capela 14
10/26vs LACL, 113-133Montrezl Harrell 30Clint Capela 15
10/24vs UTAL, 89-100Donovan Mitchell 38Rudy Gobert 13
10/21@ LACL, 112-115James Harden 31Montrezl Harrell 10
10/20@ LALW, 124-115James Harden 36Clint Capela 12
10/17vs NORL, 112-131Anthony Davis 32Anthony Davis 16