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The Denver Nuggets was founded in 1967 as the Denver Larks. They then changed their name to the Rockets and finally the Nuggets in 1974. They have 0 NBA championships but most recently made the playoffs 10 years in a row from 2004-2013.

Denver Nuggets

Western Conference – Northwest Division

Coach Michael Malone


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

01/19vs PHOL, 100-108Jamal Murray 30Nikola Jokic 17
01/17@ LACL, 104-109Blake Griffin 20Mason Plumlee 14
01/16vs DALW, 105-102Nikola Jokic 29Nikola Jokic 18
01/13@ SASL, 80-112Nikola Jokic 23Nikola Jokic 9
01/12vs MEMW, 87-78Marc Gasol 22Marc Gasol 11
01/10vs ATLL, 97-110Gary Harris 25Nikola Jokic 12
01/08@ GSWL, 114-124Stephen Curry 32Nikola Jokic 12
01/06@ SACL, 98-106Trey Lyles 19Trey Lyles 9
01/05vs UTAW, 99-91Trey Lyles 26Nikola Jokic 10
01/03vs PHOW, 134-111Gary Harris 36Trey Lyles 11
12/30vs PHIL, 102-107Jamal Murray 31Nikola Jokic 13
12/27@ MINL, 125-128Jimmy Butler 39Karl-Anthony Towns 13
12/26vs UTAW, 107-83Jamal Murray 22Trey Lyles 8
12/23@ GSWW, 96-81Gary Harris 19Jordan Bell 10
12/22@ PORW, 102-85Nikola Jokic 27Wilson Chandler 11
12/20vs MINL, 104-112Jamal Murray 30Wilson Chandler 10
12/18@ OKCL, 94-95Russell Westbrook 38Wilson Chandler 10
12/15vs NORW, 117-111DeMarcus Cousins 29Anthony Davis 12
12/13@ BOSL, 118-124Gary Harris 36Jamal Murray 10
12/12@ DETW, 103-84Jamal Murray 28Mason Plumlee 13
12/10@ INDL, 116-126Victor Oladipo 47Kenneth Faried 11
12/08@ ORLW, 103-89Jonathon Simmons 21Nikola Vucevic 17
12/06@ NORL, 114-123DeMarcus Cousins 40DeMarcus Cousins 22
12/04@ DALL, 105-122Will Barton 23Kenneth Faried 11
12/02vs LALW, 115-100Jamal Murray 28Kyle Kuzma 10
11/30vs CHIW, 111-110Will Barton 37Kenneth Faried 13
11/28@ UTAL, 77-106Derrick Favors 24Juan Hernangomez 10
11/24vs MEMW, 104-92Nikola Jokic 28Nikola Jokic 13
11/22@ HOUL, 95-125Trevor Ariza 25P.J. Tucker 11
11/20@ SACW, 114-98Will Barton 25Nikola Jokic 14
11/19@ LALL, 109-127Julius Randle 24Lonzo Ball 16
11/17vs NORW, 146-114Jamal Murray 31Nikola Jokic 11
11/13@ PORL, 82-99Jamal Murray 18Noah Vonleh 10
11/11vs ORLW, 125-107Jamal Murray 32Nikola Jokic 17
11/09vs OKCW, 102-94Carmelo Anthony 28Nikola Jokic 11
11/07vs BKNW, 112-104Nikola Jokic 41Nikola Jokic 12
11/04vs GSWL, 108-127Kevin Durant 25Omri Casspi 8
11/03vs MIAW, 95-94Paul Millsap 27Nikola Jokic 14
11/01vs TORW, 129-111Jamal Murray 24Nikola Jokic 16
10/30@ NYKL, 110-116Kristaps Porzingis 38Kyle O’Quinn 12
10/29@ BKNW, 124-111Jamal Murray 26Nikola Jokic 14
10/27@ ATLW, 105-100Dennis Schroder 20Nikola Jokic 15
10/25@ CHAL, 93-110Frank Kaminsky 20Dwight Howard 19
10/23vs WASL, 104-109Nikola Jokic 29Otto Porter 10
10/21vs SACW, 96-79De’Aaron Fox 18Wilson Chandler 12
10/18@ UTAL, 96-106Will Barton 23Nikola Jokic 12