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The Cleveland Cavaliers started as an expansion team in the 1970’s. They have reached the playoffs 19 times out of 45 years but have yet to win an NBA championship. Clevelands favorite son, LeBron James, returned to Cleveland in 2014 with an aim to change that only to lose to Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors with a shorthanded Cavs team.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Eastern Conference – Central Division

Coach Tyronn Lue

LeBron James121237.954.
Kevin Love121229.334.336.617.610.
Dwyane Wade11322.520.920.
Jeff Green12021.718.518.411.
Derrick Rose7726.918.619.914.
Kyle Korver12019.815.416.
Jae Crowder12926.014.815.
J.R. Smith12928.714.
Tristan Thompson8521.613.813.
Iman Shumpert8220.312.
Channing Frye1006.
Ante Zizic504.
Jose Calderon616.
Cedi Osman604.7220.

Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

10/19@ MINL, 123-131Jimmy Butler 33Kevin Love 19
10/17@ TORL, 104-116Kyle Lowry 27Tristan Thompson 13
06/08vs GSWL, 85-108Stephen Curry 37Kevin Durant 12
06/06vs GSWL, 102-110Kevin Durant 43Kevin Durant 13
06/03@ GSWL, 103-122Stephen Curry 33Kevin Love 10
05/31@ GSWL, 114-124LeBron James 51Kevin Love 13
05/27@ BOSW, 87-79LeBron James 35LeBron James 15
05/25vs BOSW, 109-99LeBron James 46LeBron James 11
05/23@ BOSL, 83-96LeBron James 26Al Horford 12
05/21vs BOSW, 111-102LeBron James 44Tristan Thompson 12
05/19vs BOSW, 116-86LeBron James 27Kevin Love 14
05/15@ BOSL, 94-107LeBron James 42Kevin Love 15
05/13@ BOSL, 83-108Marcus Morris 21Tristan Thompson 11
05/07vs TORW, 128-93LeBron James 29LeBron James 8
05/05vs TORW, 105-103LeBron James 38Kevin Love 16
05/03@ TORW, 128-110LeBron James 43Jonas Valanciunas 12
05/01@ TORW, 113-112LeBron James 26Jonas Valanciunas 21
04/29vs INDW, 105-101LeBron James 45Victor Oladipo 12
04/27@ INDL, 87-121Victor Oladipo 28Victor Oladipo 13
04/25vs INDW, 98-95LeBron James 44Victor Oladipo 12
04/22@ INDW, 104-100LeBron James 32LeBron James 13
04/20@ INDL, 90-92Bojan Bogdanovic 30LeBron James 12
04/18vs INDW, 100-97LeBron James 46LeBron James 12
04/15vs INDL, 80-98Victor Oladipo 32Kevin Love 17
04/11vs NYKL, 98-110Luke Kornet 23Damyean Dotson 10
04/09@ NYKW, 123-109Kevin Love 28Lance Thomas 7
04/06@ PHIL, 130-132LeBron James 44Ben Simmons 15
04/05vs WASW, 119-115LeBron James 33Larry Nance 10
04/03vs TORW, 112-106LeBron James 27Kevin Love 15
04/01vs DALW, 98-87Harrison Barnes 30LeBron James 13
03/30vs NORW, 107-102LeBron James 27Tristan Thompson 14
03/28@ CHAW, 118-105LeBron James 41LeBron James 10
03/27@ MIAL, 79-98Kelly Olynyk 19Tristan Thompson 13
03/25@ BKNW, 121-114LeBron James 37Kevin Love 15
03/23vs PHOW, 120-95LeBron James 27Tristan Thompson 10
03/21vs TORW, 132-129LeBron James 35Kevin Love 12
03/19vs MILW, 124-117LeBron James 40LeBron James 12
03/17@ CHIW, 114-109Denzel Valentine 34Bobby Portis 15
03/15@ PORL, 105-113LeBron James 35LeBron James 14
03/13@ PHOW, 129-107LeBron James 28LeBron James 13
03/11@ LALL, 113-127Julius Randle 36Julius Randle 14
03/09@ LACL, 102-116LeBron James 25DeAndre Jordan 23
03/07@ DENW, 113-108LeBron James 39Nikola Jokic 13
03/05vs DETW, 112-90LeBron James 31Larry Nance 15
03/03vs DENL, 117-126Gary Harris 32LeBron James 10
03/01vs PHIL, 97-108LeBron James 30Joel Embiid 14
02/27vs BKNW, 129-123LeBron James 31Tristan Thompson 13
02/25vs SASL, 94-110LeBron James 33LeBron James 13
02/23@ MEMW, 112-89LeBron James 18LeBron James 14
02/22vs WASL, 103-110LeBron James 32LeBron James 9
02/13@ OKCW, 120-112LeBron James 37Steven Adams 17
02/11@ BOSW, 121-99LeBron James 24Terry Rozier 9
02/09@ ATLW, 123-107Kyle Korver 30LeBron James 12
02/07vs MINW, 140-138LeBron James 37LeBron James 10
02/06@ ORLL, 98-116Jonathon Simmons 34LeBron James 10
02/03vs HOUL, 88-120Chris Paul 22LeBron James 9
01/31vs MIAW, 91-89LeBron James 24LeBron James 11
01/30@ DETL, 114-125Stanley Johnson 26Andre Drummond 22
01/28vs DETW, 121-104LeBron James 25Andre Drummond 11
01/26vs INDW, 115-108LeBron James 26Kevin Love 13
01/23@ SASL, 102-114LaMarcus Aldridge 30Kyle Anderson 12
01/20vs OKCL, 124-148Paul George 36Carmelo Anthony 10
01/18vs ORLW, 104-103Isaiah Thomas 21Kevin Love 11
01/15vs GSWL, 108-118Kevin Durant 32Draymond Green 16
01/12@ INDL, 95-97LeBron James 27Domantas Sabonis 15
01/11@ TORL, 99-133LeBron James 26Jonas Valanciunas 18
01/08@ MINL, 99-127Andrew Wiggins 25Taj Gibson 13
01/06@ ORLW, 131-127LeBron James 33Bismack Biyombo 11
01/03@ BOSL, 88-102Terry Rozier 20Tristan Thompson 11
01/02vs PORW, 127-110Damian Lillard 25Al-Farouq Aminu 9
12/30@ UTAL, 101-104LeBron James 29Thabo Sefolosha 12
12/27@ SACL, 95-109Vince Carter 24LeBron James 10
12/25@ GSWL, 92-99Kevin Love 31Kevin Love 18
12/21vs CHIW, 115-112LeBron James 34Justin Holiday 7
12/19@ MILL, 116-119LeBron James 39Giannis Antetokounmpo 14
12/17@ WASW, 106-99Bradley Beal 27LeBron James 12
12/16vs UTAW, 109-100LeBron James 29LeBron James 11
12/14vs LALW, 121-112Kevin Love 28LeBron James 12
12/12vs ATLW, 123-114LeBron James 25Kevin Love 12
12/09vs PHIW, 105-98LeBron James 30LeBron James 13
12/08@ INDL, 102-106Victor Oladipo 33LeBron James 10
12/06vs SACW, 101-95LeBron James 32JaKarr Sampson 16
12/04@ CHIW, 113-91Dwyane Wade 24Kevin Love 13
12/02vs MEMW, 116-111LeBron James 34Kevin Love 11
11/30@ ATLW, 121-114Dennis Schroder 27Kevin Love 16
11/28vs MIAW, 108-97Kevin Love 38Hassan Whiteside 14
11/27@ PHIW, 113-91LeBron James 30LeBron James 13
11/24vs CHAW, 100-99LeBron James 27LeBron James 16
11/22vs BKNW, 119-109LeBron James 33Kevin Love 10
11/20@ DETW, 116-88Kevin Love 19Kevin Love 11
11/17vs LACW, 118-113LeBron James 39DeAndre Jordan 22
11/15@ CHAW, 115-107LeBron James 31Kevin Love 10
11/13@ NYKW, 104-101Tim Hardaway Jr. 28Enes Kanter 16
11/11@ DALW, 111-104Kevin Love 29Kevin Love 15
11/09@ HOUL, 113-117James Harden 35Clint Capela 13
11/07vs MILW, 124-119Giannis Antetokounmpo 40Kevin Love 16
11/05vs ATLL, 115-117Dennis Schroder 28John Collins 13
11/03@ WASW, 130-122LeBron James 57LeBron James 11
11/01vs INDL, 107-124LeBron James 33Kevin Love 13
10/29vs NYKL, 95-114Tim Hardaway Jr. 34Enes Kanter 12
10/28@ NORL, 101-123Anthony Davis 30Anthony Davis 14
10/25@ BKNL, 107-112LeBron James 29Kevin Love 12
10/24vs CHIW, 119-112LeBron James 34Kevin Love 12
10/21vs ORLL, 93-114Nikola Vucevic 23Kevin Love 9
10/20@ MILW, 116-97Giannis Antetokounmpo 34Kevin Love 12
10/17vs BOSW, 102-99LeBron James 29LeBron James 16