The Chicago Bulls were founded in 1966 and shared an arena with the Chicago Blackhawks. They are best known for their string of six NBA championships that were led by two of the greatest of all time in Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. They were also coached by “The Zen Master” Phil Jackson. They have never lost an NBA championship they have been to.

Chicago Bulls

Eastern Conference – Central Division

Coach Fred Hoiberg


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

04/03@ WASW, 115-114Robin Lopez 12Robin Lopez 5
04/01@ NYKL, 105-113Robin Lopez 29Robin Lopez 7
03/30vs TORL, 101-124Robin Lopez 2Robin Lopez 1
03/27vs PORL, 98-118Seth Curry 20Robin Lopez 9
03/26@ TORL, 103-112Robin Lopez 10Robin Lopez 4
03/23vs UTAL, 83-114Robin Lopez 10Robin Lopez 4
03/20vs WASW, 126-120Robin Lopez 8Robin Lopez 2
03/18@ PHOW, 116-101Robin Lopez 24Robin Lopez 7
03/17@ SACL, 102-129Robin Lopez 8Robin Lopez 6
03/15@ LACL, 121-128Robin Lopez 22Robin Lopez 8
03/12vs LALL, 107-123Robin Lopez 20Robin Lopez 7
03/10@ DETL, 108-131Robin Lopez 9Cristiano Felicio 7
03/08vs DETL, 104-112Robin Lopez 13Robin Lopez 4
03/06vs PHIW, 108-107Robin Lopez 19Robin Lopez 9
03/05@ INDL, 96-105Robin Lopez 20Robin Lopez 9
03/03vs ATLL, 118-123Robin Lopez 16Robin Lopez 6
03/01@ ATLW, 168-161Robin Lopez 11Robin Lopez 11
02/27@ MEMW, 109-107Robin Lopez 4Cristiano Felicio 4
02/25vs MILL, 106-117Robin Lopez 26Robin Lopez 3
02/23vs BOSW, 126-116Kyrie Irving 37Cristiano Felicio 7
02/22@ ORLW, 110-109Robin Lopez 18Robin Lopez 6
02/13vs MEMW, 122-110Robin Lopez 25Robin Lopez 5
02/11vs MILL, 99-112Robin Lopez 17Robin Lopez 4
02/09vs WASL, 125-134Robin Lopez 18Cristiano Felicio 5
02/08@ BKNW, 125-106Robin Lopez 12Robin Lopez 5
02/06vs NORL, 120-125Robin Lopez 11Cristiano Felicio 4
02/02@ CHAL, 118-125Robin Lopez 7Robin Lopez 5
01/30@ MIAW, 105-89Robin Lopez 13Josh Richardson 3
01/29@ BKNL, 117-122Robin Lopez 4Robin Lopez 2
01/27vs CLEL, 101-104Robin Lopez 16Robin Lopez 7
01/25vs LACL, 101-106Louis Williams 31Louis Williams 10
01/23vs ATLL, 101-121Robin Lopez 5Robin Lopez 3
01/21@ CLEW, 104-88Robin Lopez 8Robin Lopez 9
01/19vs MIAL, 103-117Josh Richardson 26Dwyane Wade 10
01/17@ DENL, 105-135Lauri Markkanen 27Bobby Portis 13
01/15@ LALL, 100-107Lonzo Ball 19Kyle Kuzma 12
01/12@ UTAL, 102-110Donovan Mitchell 34Rudy Gobert 16
01/11@ GSWL, 109-146Klay Thompson 30Alfonzo McKinnie 8
01/09@ PORL, 112-124C.J. McCollum 24Zach Collins 9
01/06vs BKNL, 100-117D’Angelo Russell 28Ed Davis 13
01/04vs INDL, 116-119Victor Oladipo 36Domantas Sabonis 12
01/02vs ORLL, 84-112Nikola Vucevic 22Nikola Vucevic 12
12/30@ TORL, 89-95Kawhi Leonard 27Pascal Siakam 12
12/28@ WASW, 101-92Bradley Beal 34Lauri Markkanen 14
12/26vs MINL, 94-119Zach LaVine 28Karl-Anthony Towns 20
12/23@ CLEW, 112-92Lauri Markkanen 31Kris Dunn 8
12/21vs ORLW, 90-80Lauri Markkanen 32Nikola Vucevic 19
12/19vs BKNL, 93-96Spencer Dinwiddie 27Jarrett Allen 12
12/17@ OKCL, 96-121Paul George 24Russell Westbrook 16
12/15@ SASW, 98-93LaMarcus Aldridge 29LaMarcus Aldridge 12
12/13@ ORLL, 91-97Nikola Vucevic 26Nikola Vucevic 10
12/10vs SACL, 89-108De’Aaron Fox 25Willie Cauley-Stein 16
12/08vs BOSL, 77-133Jaylen Brown 23Daniel Theis 10
12/07vs OKCW, 114-112Zach LaVine 25Russell Westbrook 17
12/04@ INDL, 90-96Darren Collison 23Wendell Carter Jr. 13
12/01@ HOUL, 105-121James Harden 30Clint Capela 15
11/30@ DETL, 88-107Wendell Carter Jr. 28Andre Drummond 20
11/28@ MILL, 113-116Giannis Antetokounmpo 36Giannis Antetokounmpo 11
11/26vs SASL, 107-108Zach LaVine 28Jabari Parker 10
11/24@ MINL, 96-111Karl-Anthony Towns 35Karl-Anthony Towns 22
11/23vs MIAL, 96-103Josh Richardson 27Justin Holiday 13
11/21vs PHOW, 124-116Zach LaVine 29Jabari Parker 13
11/17vs TORL, 83-122Fred VanVleet 18Jonas Valanciunas 9
11/16@ MILL, 104-123Eric Bledsoe 25Giannis Antetokounmpo 13
11/14@ BOSL, 82-111Jaylen Brown 18Aron Baynes 11
11/12vs DALL, 98-103Zach LaVine 26DeAndre Jordan 16
11/10vs CLEW, 99-98Zach LaVine 24Larry Nance 14
11/07@ NORL, 98-107Anthony Davis 32Anthony Davis 15
11/05@ NYKW, 116-115Zach LaVine 41Enes Kanter 24
11/03vs HOUL, 88-96James Harden 25Wendell Carter Jr. 13
11/02vs INDL, 105-107Victor Oladipo 25Victor Oladipo 14
10/31vs DENL, 107-108Zach LaVine 28Nikola Jokic 12
10/29vs GSWL, 124-149Klay Thompson 52Alfonzo McKinnie 10
10/27@ ATLW, 97-85Zach LaVine 27Dewayne Dedmon 13
10/26@ CHAL, 106-135Kemba Walker 30Nicolas Batum 8
10/24vs CHAW, 112-110Zach LaVine 32Jabari Parker 9
10/22@ DALL, 109-115Zach LaVine 34DeAndre Jordan 16
10/20vs DETL, 116-118Blake Griffin 33Bobby Portis 14
10/18@ PHIL, 108-127Zach LaVine 30Ben Simmons 13