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Daily Fantasy MLB Draftbook – September-20-2017

We have 11 games tonight on the main slate and it looks as though there will not be any weather concerns for any of the games but you never know what may pop up throughout the day. Vegas Biggest Favorite Astros -305 Dodgers -255 Boston -220 Highest Expected Team Run Total Astros 5.78 Cardinals 5.01 Dodgers 4.88 Lowest Expected Team [...]

Daily Fantasy MLB Draftbook – September-19-2017

We have 15 games on tap for us tonight.  It sure is good to get back to a full slate!  There is a bit of a weather concern in New York but I think everything will be ok and all games play with no delays. Vegas Astros -235 Nationals -225 Diamondbacks -185 Highest Expected Team Run Total Athletics 5.29 Tigers [...]

Daily Fantasy MLB Draftbook – September-18-2017

We have a small 7 game slate on tap for tonight.  I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to take advantage of the final two weeks of MLB.  I think the weather is going to be good for all the games tonight so there shouldn't be any concerns in that area. Vegas Biggest Favorite Dodgers -345 [...]

Daily Fantasy MLB Draftbook – September-17-2017

Welcome to Sunday everyone!  We only have 2 more Sundays of regular season MLB after this one!  I can't believe how fast this season has gone by.  The could be some weather in Chicago today which could effect the Cardinals and Cubs game, but it should play. Vegas Biggest Favorite Astros -255 Indians -250 Yankees -190 Highest Expected Team Run [...]

Daily Fantasy MLB Draftbook – September-16-2017

Welcome to the weekend!  We have a 7 game slate on tap for us tonight as the baseball season is getting closer and closer to the end.  There are no weather concerns at the moment so all the games should be a full go. Vegas Biggest Favorite Rockies -195 Diamondbacks -145 Twins -140 Brewers -140 Highest Expected Team Run Total [...]