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It’s about something more than simply winning, isn’t it?

Whether it’s against a few college buddies or a thousand strangers, we know that DFS involves the same drive for greatness that motivates the world-class athletes we love. We know that pride is on the line with every personnel decision and submitted roster. That possessing an edge is essential when a razor-thin one-tenth of a point is the only thing separating you from victory—not to mention a payday and bragging rights.

Elite Analysis

At Draftshot, our world-class experts provide daily analysis and unparalleled insight for nearly every DFS contest available. Cheat sheets, essential value plays, salary comparisons, constantly updated projections, research tools—we got you covered. Our premium content highlights every key matchup, every injury, every statistical trend you need to know about before putting together an unstoppable line-up.

Our Community is Family

Draftshot also offers unprecedented access to our team of dedicated experts. Premium monthly membership includes access to a private chat group where our experts are always happy to dish wisdom, talk sports and offer real-time personalized advice for all your DFS questions. We aren’t one of those randomized line-up generators—our Draftshot community is built around interaction and trust!

We are the Edge-Makers

We offer unrivaled coverage and premiere analysis for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA Tour, CFL, WNBA, and NASCAR.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous research and data-driven insights—and, unlike other competitors, we won’t simply drown you in a sea of statistics and advanced metrics without context. We are dedicated to teaching you the art of crafting the perfect DFS line-up, and our tools and analysis provide the edge to make that happen.

DFS is a competition of skill. So, whether it’s a dollar game or a big money buy-in, make sure you have the Draftshot experts on your side. Because it’s not simply about winning—it’s about glory.


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