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Cappys Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2 Guide

The NHL playoffs are my favorite and saddest time of the year. I love the playoffs as it seems every year a team surprises everyone. This year we, ...
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NHL DFS: Cappys Delay Of Game Playoff Edition 4-20

Im going to make this short and sweet as I have a Doctors appointment today to find out if the growth they found on my lung is a ...
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NHL DFS: Cappys Playoff Picks 4-19

Firstly allow me to apologize for not having a write up the last few days. Today is a new day and new lineups to build. The action has ...
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NHL DFS: Cappys Delay Of Game Playoff Edition April-16th-2017

It is Stanley Cup Sunday! First let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy Easter for those that celebrate. I hope you followed my write up yesterday ...
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NHL DFS: Cappys Playoffs Picks – April-15th

Here we are on the first playoff weekend for the NHL. Heros are born every year in the playoffs, vets become beloved by their fans, and some scores ...
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