And we are back! Hope everyone is safe and healthy. This series of blogs will highlight my top 3 picks in each positional category on DraftKings categorized through the following options: stud (>8K), mid-tier (5K-8K), sleeper (<5K). Finding spots where you can take advantage of (whether price, role, injury news, etc.) is key to your success.

If you have any further questions and/or comments, feel free to reach out to me at @CarlitosWayDFS.

Monday, August 5th


StudSimmons – PHI – $8.7K – He flunked out last time I touted him, but I am going back to the well here. A slight price drop in a better match-up; it’s time for him to put up some stats. The Wizards have the weakest team in this restart so let’s hope they can keep it close.

Mid-TierMorris – DEN – $5.1K – If Morris is going to play another 35+ minute game at this price, I will gladly fit him in. We need to make sure Murray sits out once again. If not, I may look at Conley instead in a fast paced game. This area seems like not-so-sure players who have a ceiling but they can hamper your score. Just be warned.

Sleeper/Value: Caruso – LAL – $3.4K – I’m not going to hate – with Bradley and Rondo out, he gets more run. And at this price, why not throw him in a line as a cheap piece if putting out multiple lines on today’s slate. He will get opportunities to score, let’s hope he continues to be above mediocre.


Stud: N/A

Mid-Tier: Brown – BOS – $6.9K – The fact that Kemba is sitting out this game puts me more on Brown. He has been impressive since the restart playing a high number of minutes. I have a feeling they blow out the Nets considering the Nets just played a tough one yesterday with limited bodies available. However, if the game stays close, Brown is expected to play another 35+ minutes and at this price, he can surely pay off.

Sleeper/Value: Clarkson – UTA – $4.7K – Just like Simmons, I touted Clarkson the other day and he was another flop. You can’t be afraid to go back to the well. A better match-up at his disposal and a player’s character is always defined by how they bounce back. I feel Clarkson will have a solid game here. His price is still below $5K. I’ll take advantage now.


Stud: Tatum – BOS – $8.2K – If the game stays close, Tatum should have a field day DFS wise. No Kemba in the mix, he surely will own the offense in this game with 20+ field goal attempts incoming. Price is soft if this occurs and he is effective. I see the risk but you’ll need to take a shot here.

Mid-Tier: Porter Jr. – DEN – $6.2K – He had his ceiling game last time out. If anything, this would be a fade game for me as I hate going on recency bias. However, there are not many players with his ceiling in this range so all factors considered, he ranks atop my list in this category.

Sleeper/Value: Anderson – MEM – $4.3K – With JJJ’s season-ending injury, minutes will open up for someone. Clarke is the leading candidate but Anderson will get more of a run too. He has been decent in the restart and although this is a tougher match-up, you can take a shot here at some value for your lineup. He won’t achieve a crazy high score, what you want from him is consistency.


Stud: Davis – LAL – $10.3K – Davis is a monster and that’s that. I’m not entirely excited about the match-up but this game should stay close and if it does, it could be another ceiling game for the former Pelican.

Mid-Tier: O’Neale – UTA – $5K – I never thought that I would be repping O’Neale in one of these write-ups but he has been impressive from a DFS standpoint since the restart. He has another friendly match-up tonight. At his price, he can probably hit 6x value which he has in two out of three games since the restart. Mind you, the one where he didn’t hit value was because he only played 19 minutes. Usually, his minutes are in the 30’s.

Sleeper/Value: Clarke – MEM – $4.6K – Time for Clarke to step up in a big way now that JJJ is out for the season. The rookie will be thrown in and it’s time for him to have his respectable DFS games which he did early on in the season. Looks like he is shaping up to be a cash lock for many.


StudJokic – DEN – $9.7K – Don’t get me wrong. I love Embiid tonight, but for almost a $1K cheaper, I’d rather take the Joker. The Spurs don’t really have someone to match-up with him and given how the Nuggets are facing an injury crisis, it is all Jokic. I’m expecting a ceiling game here tonight.

Mid-TierGobert – UTA – $7.3K – This is also shaping up to be a Gobert night. I always tend to target him against big men who don’t have prowess in shooting the three-ball. Valaciunas definitely isn’t that guy and history has shown when Gobert matches up against him, it’s a double-double night in store with some blocks.

Sleeper/Value: Howard LAL – $3.3K – Well this area is a full fade for me tonight. Saying that I will go back to my previous pick from the other night which played out as I saw. A cheap center that is productive in limited minutes. But probably not my thing tonight as aforementioned.

Best of luck to everyone!