Marked Matchups (Play these guys!)

Welcome to The Marksman’s weekly matchups segments, featuring TEs and WRs. This will be done on a weekly basis. Enjoy 😀
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Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers

With stud cornerback Jimmy Smith still on the shelf for the Ravens, Steelers stud, Antonio Brown should have some sweet, soft matchups against what, on paper, appears to be a relatively solid Ravens defence. His primary matchup will be against Brandon Carr, a relatively average-to-below-average corner who will have his hands full covering one of the league’s premiere receivers.

Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers

If you read my articles from the 2017 season, you’ll probably be relatively familiar with the name, Kwaun Williams, one of my preferred targets to pick on. While that has slightly changed as Williams has demonstrated improvement (PFF Grade now over 70), he still bleeds yardage to wideouts and Keenan Allen is one of the best possession receivers in the game, a guy who should produce plenty of yards this weekend.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

While the Seattle Seahawks have had the Legion of Boom torn apart the past few years, they’ve been able to make do with relatively spare parts and mishmash a decent pass defence together. However, as expected with a guy like Earl Thomas in centre field, the strength of the Seahawks is preventing the deep ball…not stopping a guy like Larry Fitzgerald from accumulating a boatload of PPR which I expect will happen this week.

Sneaky Matchup of the Week

DeSean Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Despite the Bears having gotten off to a spectacular start defensively, this season, led by offseason acquisition, Khalil Mack, there appears to be one glaring hole on their defence this week, and that’s cornerback Kevin Toliver II, an undrafted rookie. On just 15 routes covered this season, he’s given up 54 receiving yards and 10 fantasy points (roughly a third of a game’s work). Expect the Bucs number 1 ranked offence to go to work on Toliver, with Jackson the primary beneficiary

Fool’s Gold Matchup of the Week

Alshon Jeffrey, Philadelphia Eagles

While the Titans have generally been a pretty viable target to pick on in the past, the offseason acquisition of Malcolm Butler along with the development of Adoree Jackson have helped greatly stabilize the Titans pass defence. That spells bad news for the Eagles outside wide receivers, in particular Alshon Jeffrey.

Lost in a Shadow

DeVante Parker, Miami Dolphins

Since arriving over from Buffalo, Stephon Gilmore has proven himself to be one of the very best shutdown, shadow man coverage corners in football. This week, his most likely matchup will be Devante Parker of the Dolphins. While Parker is somewhat of a sexy name in the season-long community, and has been for a couple years now, I would stay away from Gilmore in this matchup.

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