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Think you have what it takes to write for DRAFTSHOT? Do you have a great DFS mind and love giving advice to others? If you answered yes, then we are looking for you! At Draftshot we are about helping the DFS community learn how to build winning lineups, with in-depth articles and research, coupled with live cheatsheets and direct live access to our experts via 24/7 chat. We also offer great benefits to our writers and experts that puts us above and beyond most DFS sites out there.

What We Offer

  1. Pay per article: We offer competitive pay and we pay all of our experts weekly via Paypal.
  2. Full Membership: All of our experts get full access to all that Draftshot has to offer. We don’t expect our experts to pay for their membership, we take care of it for you.**
  3. Commision Based Pay: Unlike a lot of sites, we pay you for bringing new members to our site and having them sign up via an affiliate link. We pay out commissions on a monthly basis, and you have access to see how much you have made. We want you to strive and drive traffic.
  4. Exposure: We post your article on our main page, our twitter feed, and many other social media and traditional media outlets. People will find you and follow you. We help you build your brand while you help us build ours.
  5. Much Much More: We are a growing community of experts and users, and we offer more ways to win at DFS then most sites do. We do not focus on one sport, we focus on all sports. We want you to be part of the process.

**Please note that if you are applying for a correspondents / interim position, benefit #2 does not apply. Read the position description for more info.**

Fill out the form below. We will look into all applications and contact people from there. We thank you for your interest.

Current Openings

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

1 – MLB DFS FanDuel Only (2) – We are currently seeking two writers to cover the FanDuel side of MLB DFS. These two people will be focusing on FanDuel plays for that days slate. We are looking for people that can help our members build a winning FanDuel lineup with great insight. This includes, but is not limited to, Cash Game Only articles, GPP Articles, Value Plays, and more..

2 – MLB DFS Draftkings Only (2) – We are also currently seeking two writers to cover the Draftkings side of MLB DFS. These two writers will help our users build winning lineups by giving sound in-depth advice. These two writers will be able to write articles to cover Cash Games Only, GPP, and Value plays for that day. As well as other aspects of that days slate.

3 – MLB Season Long Advisor (2-3)– We are currently seeking writers that are able to give great advice for Season Long MLB play. They will focus on helping people with MLB drafts, plays of the week and more. We require this writer to post frequently and help update our members on things like, Waiver Wire Pick Ups, Players to avoid, Pitchers that may get two or more starts in a week and more. This writer must have knowledge in all formats of season long play. We are looking to bring a few writers on board for this position, as season long is very indepth, and we do not want one person taking on all of the responsibility.

4 – NASCAR DFS (1) – We are currently seeking a writer to join our other NASCAR writer, to help produce DFS articles for NASCAR. It would be a benefit if this person also understands the season long aspect of Fantasy Nascar on,, FoxSports, and This position requires at least two articles per week. A pre-qualifying outlook and a post qualifying picks and plays.

5 – DFS Correspondent/Interim Writers – We are currently seeking a few writers that would be interested in writing guest articles on DFS sports from time to time. This position would be on a as needed basis, and would not come with free access to the site. It would be limited articles, but can lead to a full time writing position. This is a position for someone new to writing, and wants to work on growing as a writer in DFS. You will work closely with the Editor-In-Cheif in setting up a schedule and submitting articles. You will be paid per article as any writer, but will not be given free access to the site, instead you will be offered a very discounted membership package.

6 – Breaking News Correspondent/Interim for MLB and NBA DFS – We are currently seeking a few people that can create articles when breaking news happens. If a trade occurs, or and injury happens, etc.. This person(s), will write an article on the impacts of the news as it corresponds to DFS and Season Long play. Also give advice as to who to look at in results to the news. Terms of this position will be discussed with each person we consider.

Our members love what we do and what we offer. They win at DFS nightly with the help and advice from our experts.  Come and join a winning team, build your brand, and have fun doing what you love to do already, and get paid for it in the process.

* For best results, please do not fill this out on a mobile device. Also, we highly recommend our writers use the ‘Grammarly’ app for grammar, punctuation and spelling. This app is required for any articles written for *