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Daily Fantasy Sports Website Review: FantasyDraft

FantasyDraft is an up and coming Daily Fantasy Sports website that has several big named athletes signed on to their roster. They were the first to have signed on individual athletes to represent their brand and keep adding more pros each day as DFS grows. They also have Kevin Love, Klay Thompson, Drew Brees, London Fletcher and Boomer Esiason on board.

FantasyDraft Drew Brees

If I were to compare FantasyDraft to another popular DFS website it most closely resembles Draftkings. The scoring is the same but the big difference here is that there are two flex spots instead of one. This gives you way more flexibility than on just about any other daily fantasy sports website around. You’ll truly appreciate the duel flex spot when you can’t decide whether or not you want to use a RB or WR and have the option of going both in the flex.


Fantasydraft lineup

FantasyDraft Lineup and Player pool








One of the best things about FantasyDraft right now is the aggressive overlays. What is an overlay? An overlay is when a Daily Fantasy Sports website declares a guarantee for a prize pool but it doesn’t fill. Why is this awesome? Because lets say there is a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool and FantasyDraft needs t0 have 10,000 people at $10 a piece to break even.

If the player pool only hits 4,000 people they still have to pay out the $100,000 because it’s the law! That means you have to beat way less people to get into the money and also way less people to win a first place prize! So if there are 4,000 people and 3,000 pay out you only have to beat out a 1,000 people versus 7,000 people if the tournament filled!

It’s getting the most value out of your $10 as you possibly can!.

These Overlays won’t last so it’s best to sign up and get after it sooner rather than later.

The FantasyDraft deposit bonus is up to a $600 match. If you deposit $600 they will match you up to that amount if you sign up through this exclusive link.

FantasyDraft will only get better from here. They have strong financial backing and several big named athletes on board.