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Fanduel Fantasy Basketball Stats: Duds

What makes a FanDuel Dud?

FanDuel-logoWell, typically this is someone who is able to not give you higher than 4 times your salary value.  If you score 300 Fanduel Points with a salary cap of $60,000 then you need each player to reach 5X value or higher.  $60K times 5 is a score of 300 points.  A score of 300 will not always mean you are going to cash if there are too many studs out there on the slate of games.  It is your goal to shoot for.  If your team can average over 6X per dollar you will have a score of 360.

Dud Criteria.  A Fanduel Duds plays averages less than 4 value for that day. Their might be several players hit under 4 times value in a given slate so we are only listing the Top 20 Duds. We are also adding the following criteria. 1) Player must play that day, injury or late scratch doesn’t count. 2) Must cost over $4500 in salary, less than that and you are searching for value. 3) Minutes must be at least 15 minutes played in a game.

These update automatically each day when our data refreshes from the night before. How many Duds did you have in your lineups? Do you want to see the Studs? How many Studs did you have?

Calculating Duds! Our data import for yesterday has not yet run, please check back later.