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Fantasy Sports Website Review: Draftpot

What if you could play daily fantasy sports like you’ve always wanted to? What if you could start whoever you wanted and whoever you think is going to have the most points? With Draftpot you now can! Draftpot is a no salary cap daily fantasy sports league where you pick the very best players instead of having to base your decisions on a salary cap.

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Draftpot is a daily fantasy website without a salary cap.

In just 8 short months Draftpot essentially came out of no where as FanDuel and Draftkings dominated the DFS landscape. Now they have a chance to capture a rather large piece of the market share and become a top 5 daily fantasy sports website with their new and unique twist on the DFS concept.

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Draftpot started when Joey Levy (Founder) spoke to his uncle about daily fantasy sports and how it was confusing to set your lineup due to the salary cap. A lot of people feel constrained by the idea they have to pick a group of players according to pricing. In season long leagues you pick a group of players and are stuck with them all season. There is no salary cap though and you can pick whoever you want drafting a new team time you play.

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In a sense Draftpot is an evolution of standard league fantasy football while FanDuel and Draftkings are a hybrid.

If you’d still like to pick according to pricing you can play GM mode where you pick according to points per game. GM mode is close in similarity to FanDuel and Draftkings. Fan Mode is where you can pick whoever you want. Picking the best players doesn’t guarantee success as we know from playing fantasy football. Some of the top names don’t perform so you’ll need to find a balance between finding the sure fire picks while also mixing in players no one else has picked yet. Because there is no salary cap you can win big money by predicting which big name player will be the highest owned and their chances of busting. If a big name player, like Aaron Rodgers, shows up and lays an egg while being owned by 80% of the field you have a chance to vault up the rankings all the way to tournament glory!

Draftpot has NFL, NBA, MLB, Nascar, eSports, College Football, PGA, League Of Legends and NHL.

The first thing you’ll notice about Draftpot is the excellent design and art direction. It’s easily the most visually appealing daily fantasy sports site out right now. The interface is also very smooth and the website is quick to load whether it’s on your smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

They also have a very strong customer support. They respond quickly to inquiries and any complaints or issues. The entire experience is great from start to finish. There are also weekly free rolls you can play to get your feet wet without having to deposit any money. Cash outs are as fast as they possibly can be in the daily fantasy sports industry. Draftpot has just secured $2.2 Million in funding vaulting it to the top of the daily fantasy sports conversation. They have great leadership and a good long term vision for the company.

Draftshot also has an exclusive offer if you’d like to give Draftpot a shot with limited risk involved. If you sign up thru the official Draftshot link you’ll get a free $10 entry into an NFL tournament and an up to $1,500 deposit bonus!

All you have to do is sign up through this link and deposit a minimum of $5 and you’ll get a $10 ticket to the next NFL tournament. If you need help setting your lineups team Draftshot can help. We offer free cash optimized lineups for signing up through our links. You can fill out the form below to get them delivered right to your tablet, smart phone or e-mail.

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