CFL 2018 week 20


Welcome to another CFL, CFL DFS advice article.  This week we have a 4 game slate. There are only 2 weeks left in the regular season. Five of the six playoff teams have been decided however there is still lots to be determined.  First in the East is still up for grabs. Also, home field in the West semifinal and final are still up for grabs. As Let’s get started!



TREVOR HARRIS Ottawa RedBlacks $10,500

Public service warning on the Hamilton vs Ottawa game.  They are calling for rain and wind in Hamilton on Saturday.  Check in on the weather before the game starts before making your final decision on Harris and everyone that is playing in this game.  If it is windy in Hamilton this game might be a fade. It is very difficult to throw the ball in this stadium when it is windy. If the wind does go away I really like Harris this weekend.  Harris and the RedBlacks should have the ball a lot this game as the Tiger-Cats are dealing with the loss of Brandon Banks for the rest of the season.

TRAVIS LULAY BC Lions $9,700

Lulay has yet to have the game where he wins someone a GPP but I do think that he has the potential to have that type of game.  Last week we saw Devier Posey have his first big game as a BC Lions. This should give Lulay more options this week. Lulay and the Lions ran over the Eskimos defense in the second half last week.  Maybe they will put together a full game and Lulay will finally win someone a GPP.




WILLIAM POWELL Ottawa RedBlacks $7,900

The run game usually is weatherproof.  Powell is the best back on this slate this week going up against the Tiger-Cats.  Last week he had 21 run attempts against Hamilton. He only had 87 yards but I like the volume of touches he got last week and I expect him to come close to that many again this week making him a safe option at running back.



Tyrell Sutton is really enjoying running behind the Lions offensive line.  He has really shown that the Lions do have a good offensive line. Last week he averaged 6.1 yards per carry on 16 attempts.  Look for the volume and the average to stay about the same this week. I know that the Riders are better against the run than the Eskimos but I think we will still see similar production for Sutton this week.

BRANDON BURKS Toronto Argonauts $6,100

Brandon Burks continues to make the argument for a starting role next season.  Burks and the Argos are already eliminated from the playoffs this season. Burks is playing for a job next season and should have another good game.






BRAD SINOPOLI Ottawa RedBlacks $8,900

Sinopoli came through for us last week with an eight-catch game.  He also had 113 yards, if he had just found the end zone he would have had a great game.  I know that he has only scored 4 touchdowns this season but given how many targets and catches he makes each week he is due to get into the end zone.


LUKE TASKER Hamilton Tiger-Cats $9,800

Luke Tasker is the primary guy in Hamilton this week and for the rest of the season, as the Tiger-Cats have lost Brandon Banks for the rest of the season. He is going to see some extra coverage but I don’t think that is really going to matter. I feel that Hamilton is still going to force the ball to him.  Tasker should get a lot of targets and a lot of catches.

DIONTAE SPENCER Ottawa RedBlacks $8,700

Spencer returns to our article this week.  He worked out for us last week. As I pointed out last week he returns kicks and last week he had 120 yards in kick returns alone.  This gives him a higher floor for points. He got into the end zone last week and he is the type of player that can get in the end zone from any point on the field given how elusive he is.

ERIC ROGERS Calgary Stampeders $8,100

Eric Rogers has been back in the Stamps lineup of a couple of weeks and his new baby his more than a week old.  He should be back to regular his forum and the Stamps need him to be. They have been struggling on offense and have lost two games in a row.  The Stamps have lost two games in a row and could fall out of first in the West. I think the Stamps are going to target Rogers heavily this week and Rogers should be in a great position to have a big game.  


Burnham finally has some protection in the Lions lineup with Posey integrating into the Lions offense last week.  I think Posey is going to be a popular play this week but I am on Burnham. There is plenty of value this week allowing us to easily fit Burnham into our lineups and I think Burnham is much safer.


T. SINKFIELD JR. Hamilton Tiger-Cats $3,000

Sinkfield should find himself in the Tiger-Cats starting lineup this week.  Keep an eye on their depth chart when it comes out on Friday to make sure. If Sinkfield is in the starting lineup get him into your lineups.  He has experience in the CFL and the Tiger-Cats won’t have much experience in the receivers this week. Also, look at his price. Only $3000 which is the minimum price.  Even if he doesn’t get many points he will not be the reason you don’t cash this week.






The Stampeders defense gets a bit of a plus matchup going against the Blue Bombers.  They haven’t had a 300-yard passing game yet this season. It is difficult to put up a lot of points when you don’t throw the ball for huge distances.  The Stamps defense is a great defense and is probably still the best in the league.


LIONS $4,200

The Lions defense may have been the best in the league since Labour Day.  The Lions lead the league in interceptions and pass knockdowns. They are on the road this week but Saskatchewan’s offense doesn’t scare me and the Lions are the 7th priced defense this week making them a great value.