Lineup Optimizers: Why you’re doing DFS wrong!

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Lineup Optimizers Why you are doing DFS wrong! Most people know me as Cappy, the NHL guy on Draftshot. What a lot of people might not know, is I am a DFS guy that is highly against lineup sellers and Lineup Optimizers. I take pride [...]

Why do DFS players pay for lineups?

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Ever wonder why daily fantasy players buy lineups?   Before I get into the article I want to be upfront and say that I am 100% guilty. No, not of buying lineups, but in believing that playing DFS was going to be my easy way [...]

CFL DraftKings Weekly “Marksman’s Markings”

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Welcome to The Marksman’s CFL DraftKings Quick Picks for Week 4 Follow Mark on twitter @themarksman13 for all your DFS CFL, NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, Soccer, whatever, news. This section will be written for the four games of each weekend and updated for the later [...]

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