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MLB Daily Fantasy Draftbook- May 21st, 2018

Extreme Moneylines/Totals Twins (Berrios) -205 Cardinals (Mikolas) -205 Yankees (Tanaka) -185 Dodgers (Buehler) -180 Yankees/Rangers 9.5 Orioles/White Sox 9.5 Pitchers Chalk Jose Berrios ($8,500)- The Tigers are probably the least intimidating lineup in baseball, and Berrios gets to face them at home where he has historically been a much more effective starter.  He's also displayed a 29.7% K rate at [...]

MLB Daily Fantasy- Where’s the Alpha? (May 20th, 2018)

Rays Extreme Bullpen Days We all know by now that the Rays have broken with tradition and only carried three starting pitchers so they could essentially make a better arbitration case for their young and talented starting pitchers by keeping them in AAA or in relief roles.  This is the sort of thing you are forced to do when on [...]

MLB Daily Fantasy Draftbook- May 20th, 2018

Extreme Moneylines/Totals Braves (Teheran) -185 Red Sox (Rodriguez) -205 Red Sox/Orioles 10.5 A's/Blue Jays 9.5 Yankees/Royals 9.5 Pitchers Today we get to play another round of overpriced aces, along with another round of who is actually going to get to pitch without weather delays or outright PPDs.  Fun times. Chalk Stephen Strasburg ($13,400)- Might be a scenario where we have [...]

Monster Energy All Star Race Breakdown

It's a night race at an intermediate track. The cars have splitters from 2014. The spoiler is higher than normal with two 12" ears. The engines have restrictor plates as if they were racing at a Daytona. The front bumpers have aero ducts to assist with drafting. Check out this Frankenstein below... So, how in the world do you project [...]

NBA DFS: Shootaround – Eastern Conference Playoffs – Conference Finals

It took me a little longer, but the Eastern Conference Finals' breakdown is here! I have to admit I am really surprised the Celtics hold a 2 to nothing series lead; I expected Boston to win Game 1, but I thought the Cavs would adjust in time for Game 2 but that clearly was not the case. The good thing [...]

MLB DFS Draftbook – May 18th

A full 15 game slate on this Friday night. I am writing this very early in the day as I will be traveling this afternoon, so keep that in mind as this will not be updated with breaking news or lineups that come out. Pitchers: Expensive: Max Scherzer ($14.0/$11.6) vs. Dodgers When you have a pitcher that is this good [...]

MLB DFS Pitching Primer – May 17th

You know how sometimes you'll see someone on social media say something really dumb that is based on total lies, and then when they get challenged on it they back up into their "just my opinion" shell? That drives me nuts, man. But listen, nine game slates are the absolute best, and that's not an opinion - that's a fact. [...]

NBA DFS: Shootaround – Western Conference Playoffs – Conference Finals

Hey! I hope you are all enjoying Playoff basketball because I am. It is time for a quick shootaround featuring the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, for those of you who still play DFS during the Playoffs and want a helping hand. This series truly has NBA Finals feels and should get more attention than its Eastern Conference [...]

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