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The Oklahoma City Thunder started as the SeattleSupersonics. They relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008 due to an ongoing lawsuit. They have one NBA championship as the Seattle SuperSonics and one NBA finals appearance as the Oklahoma City Thunder. They lost to the Miami Heat during the 2012 NBA finals.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Western Conference – Northwest Division

Coach Billy Donovan


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

02/14@ MEMW, 121-114Carmelo Anthony 19Patrick Patterson 3
02/13vs CLEL, 112-120LeBron James 37Steven Adams 17
02/11vs MEMW, 110-92Paul George 33JaMychal Green 12
02/08@ LALL, 81-106Paul George 29Paul George 9
02/06@ GSWW, 125-105Paul George 38Steven Adams 10
02/04vs LALL, 104-108Russell Westbrook 36Carmelo Anthony 13
02/02vs NORL, 100-114Anthony Davis 43Jerami Grant 12
02/01@ DENL, 124-127Paul George 43Nikola Jokic 13
01/30@ WASL, 96-102Paul George 28Steven Adams 12
01/28vs PHIW, 122-112Russell Westbrook 37Steven Adams 13
01/27@ DETW, 121-108Russell Westbrook 31Andre Drummond 13
01/25vs WASW, 121-112Russell Westbrook 46Bradley Beal 12
01/23vs BKNW, 109-108Russell Westbrook 32Steven Adams 14
01/20@ CLEW, 148-124Paul George 36Carmelo Anthony 10
01/17vs LALW, 114-90Carmelo Anthony 27Steven Adams 10
01/15vs SACW, 95-88Carmelo Anthony 20Russell Westbrook 16
01/13@ CHAW, 101-91Russell Westbrook 25Dwight Howard 17
01/10@ MINL, 88-104Russell Westbrook 38Karl-Anthony Towns 12
01/09vs PORL, 106-117C.J. McCollum 27Russell Westbrook 9
01/07@ PHOL, 100-114Russell Westbrook 26Tyson Chandler 13
01/04@ LACW, 127-117Paul George 31DeAndre Jordan 17
01/03@ LALW, 133-96Paul George 24Josh Huestis 9
12/31vs DALL, 113-116Russell Westbrook 38Russell Westbrook 15
12/29vs MILL, 95-97Russell Westbrook 40Russell Westbrook 14
12/27vs TORW, 124-107Paul George 33Andre Roberson 10
12/25vs HOUW, 112-107Russell Westbrook 31Clint Capela 10
12/23@ UTAW, 103-89Donovan Mitchell 29Russell Westbrook 10
12/22vs ATLW, 120-117Russell Westbrook 30Steven Adams 10
12/20vs UTAW, 107-79Russell Westbrook 24Russell Westbrook 10
12/18vs DENW, 95-94Russell Westbrook 38Wilson Chandler 10
12/16@ NYKL, 96-111Michael Beasley 30Paul George 9
12/15@ PHIW, 119-117Joel Embiid 34Russell Westbrook 18
12/13@ INDW, 100-95Steven Adams 23Russell Westbrook 17
12/11vs CHAL, 103-116Russell Westbrook 30Steven Adams 10
12/09@ MEMW, 102-101Tyreke Evans 29Tyreke Evans 13
12/07@ BKNL, 95-100Russell Westbrook 31Steven Adams 14
12/05vs UTAW, 100-94Russell Westbrook 34Russell Westbrook 13
12/03vs SASW, 90-87Russell Westbrook 22Dejounte Murray 11
12/01vs MINW, 111-107Paul George 36Russell Westbrook 9
11/29@ ORLL, 108-121Aaron Gordon 40Aaron Gordon 15
11/25@ DALL, 81-97Russell Westbrook 28Russell Westbrook 12
11/24vs DETL, 98-99Russell Westbrook 27Andre Drummond 14
11/22vs GSWW, 108-91Russell Westbrook 34Steven Adams 12
11/20@ NORL, 107-114Anthony Davis 36Russell Westbrook 16
11/17@ SASL, 101-104LaMarcus Aldridge 26LaMarcus Aldridge 9
11/15vs CHIW, 92-79Russell Westbrook 21Carmelo Anthony 11
11/12vs DALW, 112-99Paul George 37Harrison Barnes 13
11/10vs LACW, 120-111Paul George 42DeAndre Jordan 12
11/09@ DENL, 94-102Carmelo Anthony 28Nikola Jokic 11
11/07@ SACL, 86-94Buddy Hield 21Russell Westbrook 12
11/05@ PORL, 99-103Damian Lillard 36Noah Vonleh 8
11/03vs BOSL, 94-101Kyrie Irving 25Carmelo Anthony 14
10/31@ MILW, 110-91Giannis Antetokounmpo 28Steven Adams 11
10/28@ CHIW, 101-69Carmelo Anthony 21Russell Westbrook 13
10/27@ MINL, 116-119Karl-Anthony Towns 33Karl-Anthony Towns 19
10/25vs INDW, 114-96Victor Oladipo 35Domantas Sabonis 11
10/22vs MINL, 113-115Russell Westbrook 31Steven Adams 13
10/21@ UTAL, 87-96Carmelo Anthony 26Rudy Gobert 13
10/19vs NYKW, 105-84Kristaps Porzingis 31Kristaps Porzingis 12