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Minnesota Timberwolves

Western Conference – Northwest Division

Coach Sam Mitchell

Karl-Anthony Towns111132.440.941.921.311.
Jeff Teague111133.23233.
Andrew Wiggins111135.230.530.919.
Jimmy Butler9935.429.629.714.
Taj Gibson111129.123.523.
Jamal Crawford11020.116.617.510.
Gorgui Dieng11015.915.615.
Nemanja Bjelica11015.513.513.
Tyus Jones11014.
Shabazz Muhammad11214.
Aaron Brooks502.
Cole Aldrich402.
Marcus Georges-Hunt602.

Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

04/25@ HOUL, 104-122Clint Capela 26Clint Capela 15
04/23vs HOUL, 100-119James Harden 36Clint Capela 17
04/21vs HOUW, 121-105James Harden 29Karl-Anthony Towns 16
04/18@ HOUL, 82-102Chris Paul 27Clint Capela 16
04/15@ HOUL, 101-104James Harden 44Clint Capela 12
04/11vs DENW, 112-106Nikola Jokic 35Karl-Anthony Towns 14
04/09vs MEMW, 113-94Karl-Anthony Towns 24Karl-Anthony Towns 18
04/06@ LALW, 113-96Jeff Teague 25Josh Hart 11
04/05@ DENL, 96-100Karl-Anthony Towns 26Taj Gibson 14
04/01vs UTAL, 97-121Andrew Wiggins 23Rudy Gobert 13
03/30@ DALW, 93-92Jamal Crawford 24Karl-Anthony Towns 20
03/28vs ATLW, 126-114Karl-Anthony Towns 56Karl-Anthony Towns 15
03/26vs MEML, 93-101Jeff Teague 25Karl-Anthony Towns 12
03/24@ PHIL, 108-120Joel Embiid 19Ben Simmons 12
03/23@ NYKW, 108-104Tim Hardaway Jr. 39Enes Kanter 15
03/20vs LACW, 123-109Karl-Anthony Towns 30DeAndre Jordan 12
03/18vs HOUL, 120-129James Harden 34Karl-Anthony Towns 18
03/17@ SASL, 101-117LaMarcus Aldridge 39LaMarcus Aldridge 10
03/13@ WASW, 116-111Karl-Anthony Towns 37Karl-Anthony Towns 10
03/11vs GSWW, 109-103Kevin Durant 39Karl-Anthony Towns 16
03/08vs BOSL, 109-117Nemanja Bjelica 30Nemanja Bjelica 12
03/02@ UTAL, 108-116Andrew Wiggins 27Rudy Gobert 16
03/01@ PORL, 99-108Damian Lillard 35Karl-Anthony Towns 17
02/26@ SACW, 118-100Karl-Anthony Towns 26Karl-Anthony Towns 17
02/24vs CHIW, 122-104Jeff Teague 25Karl-Anthony Towns 13
02/23@ HOUL, 102-120James Harden 31Karl-Anthony Towns 13
02/15vs LALW, 119-111Taj Gibson 28Karl-Anthony Towns 19
02/13vs HOUL, 108-126Karl-Anthony Towns 35Clint Capela 12
02/11vs SACW, 111-106Karl-Anthony Towns 29Kosta Koufos 10
02/09@ CHIL, 113-114Jimmy Butler 38Karl-Anthony Towns 10
02/07@ CLEL, 138-140LeBron James 37LeBron James 10
02/03vs NORW, 118-107Anthony Davis 38Karl-Anthony Towns 16
02/01vs MILW, 108-89Jimmy Butler 28Giannis Antetokounmpo 15
01/30@ TORL, 104-109Jimmy Butler 25Jonas Valanciunas 11
01/29@ ATLL, 100-105Jimmy Butler 24Karl-Anthony Towns 13
01/27vs BKNW, 111-97Jahlil Okafor 21Karl-Anthony Towns 19
01/25@ GSWL, 113-126Karl-Anthony Towns 31Karl-Anthony Towns 11
01/24@ PORL, 114-123Damian Lillard 31Ed Davis 10
01/22@ LACW, 126-118Andrew Wiggins 40Karl-Anthony Towns 17
01/20vs TORW, 115-109Kyle Lowry 40Karl-Anthony Towns 10
01/18@ HOUL, 98-116Eric Gordon 30Karl-Anthony Towns 16
01/16@ ORLL, 102-108Evan Fournier 32Bismack Biyombo 16
01/14vs PORW, 120-103Jimmy Butler 24Karl-Anthony Towns 11
01/12vs NYKW, 118-108Karl-Anthony Towns 23Karl-Anthony Towns 15
01/10vs OKCW, 104-88Russell Westbrook 38Karl-Anthony Towns 12
01/08vs CLEW, 127-99Andrew Wiggins 25Taj Gibson 13
01/06vs NORW, 116-98DeMarcus Cousins 23Karl-Anthony Towns 16
01/05@ BOSL, 84-91Karl-Anthony Towns 25Karl-Anthony Towns 23
01/03@ BKNL, 97-98Jimmy Butler 30Karl-Anthony Towns 10
01/01vs LALW, 114-96Jimmy Butler 28Karl-Anthony Towns 13
12/31@ INDW, 107-90Jimmy Butler 26Karl-Anthony Towns 14
12/28@ MILL, 96-102Eric Bledsoe 26Giannis Antetokounmpo 10
12/27vs DENW, 128-125Jimmy Butler 39Karl-Anthony Towns 13
12/25@ LALW, 121-104Kyle Kuzma 31Karl-Anthony Towns 10
12/23@ PHOW, 115-106Jimmy Butler 32Tyson Chandler 15
12/20@ DENW, 112-104Jamal Murray 30Wilson Chandler 10
12/18vs PORW, 108-107Jimmy Butler 37Karl-Anthony Towns 8
12/16vs PHOL, 106-108Karl-Anthony Towns 28Alex Len 19
12/14vs SACW, 119-96Karl-Anthony Towns 30Karl-Anthony Towns 14
12/12vs PHIL, 112-118Jimmy Butler 38Karl-Anthony Towns 16
12/10vs DALW, 97-92Karl-Anthony Towns 28Karl-Anthony Towns 12
12/06@ LACW, 113-107Louis Williams 23DeAndre Jordan 21
12/04@ MEML, 92-95Jimmy Butler 30Karl-Anthony Towns 11
12/03vs LACW, 112-106Jimmy Butler 33DeAndre Jordan 12
12/01@ OKCL, 107-111Paul George 36Russell Westbrook 9
11/29@ NORW, 120-102Andrew Wiggins 28Taj Gibson 10
11/28vs WASL, 89-92Otto Porter 22Karl-Anthony Towns 17
11/26vs PHOW, 119-108Karl-Anthony Towns 32Taj Gibson 14
11/24vs MIAL, 97-109Wayne Ellington 21Karl-Anthony Towns 11
11/22vs ORLW, 124-118Jimmy Butler 26Nikola Vucevic 14
11/20@ CHAL, 102-118Dwight Howard 25Dwight Howard 20
11/19vs DETL, 97-100Jimmy Butler 26Andre Drummond 16
11/17@ DALW, 111-87Jimmy Butler 21Taj Gibson 11
11/15vs SASW, 98-86Karl-Anthony Towns 26Karl-Anthony Towns 16
11/13@ UTAW, 109-98Donovan Mitchell 24Karl-Anthony Towns 13
11/11@ PHOL, 110-118T.J. Warren 35Karl-Anthony Towns 12
11/08@ GSWL, 101-125Klay Thompson 28Karl-Anthony Towns 12
11/05vs CHAW, 112-94Andrew Wiggins 20Gorgui Dieng 11
11/04vs DALW, 112-99Karl-Anthony Towns 31Karl-Anthony Towns 12
11/01@ NORW, 104-98DeMarcus Cousins 35Taj Gibson 12
10/30@ MIAW, 125-122Dion Waiters 33Bam Adebayo 13
10/27vs OKCW, 119-116Karl-Anthony Towns 33Karl-Anthony Towns 19
10/25@ DETL, 101-122Tobias Harris 34Andre Drummond 15
10/24vs INDL, 107-130Victor Oladipo 28Domantas Sabonis 11
10/22@ OKCW, 115-113Russell Westbrook 31Steven Adams 13
10/20vs UTAW, 100-97Andrew Wiggins 21Rudy Gobert 13
10/18@ SASL, 99-107Andrew Wiggins 26Karl-Anthony Towns 13