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The Golden State Warriors started out as the Philadelphia Warriors in 1946. They won what is now considered the very first NBA championships in 1947. At the time it was called the BAA ( Basketball Association of America) Finals. They most most recently won a championship in 2015 but also won in 1956 and 1975.

Golden State Warriors

Western Conference – Pacific Division

Coach Steve Kerr


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

11/13vs ATLW, 110-103Kevin Durant 29Jonas Jerebko 13
11/12@ LACL, 116-121Kevin Durant 33Draymond Green 14
11/10vs BKNW, 116-100Kevin Durant 28Jordan Bell 8
11/08vs MILL, 111-134Eric Bledsoe 26Giannis Antetokounmpo 9
11/05vs MEMW, 117-101Klay Thompson 27Marc Gasol 10
11/02vs MINW, 116-99Kevin Durant 33Kevin Durant 13
10/31vs NORW, 131-121Stephen Curry 37Draymond Green 14
10/29@ CHIW, 149-124Klay Thompson 52Alfonzo McKinnie 10
10/28@ BKNW, 120-114Stephen Curry 35Kevin Durant 8
10/26@ NYKW, 128-100Kevin Durant 41Enes Kanter 13
10/24vs WASW, 144-122Stephen Curry 51Kevin Durant 8
10/22vs PHOW, 123-103Stephen Curry 29Deandre Ayton 14
10/21@ DENL, 98-100Stephen Curry 30Kevin Durant 11
10/19@ UTAW, 124-123Kevin Durant 38Rudy Gobert 11
10/16vs OKCW, 108-100Stephen Curry 32Draymond Green 13