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The Charlotte Hornets are an NBA franchise who are mostly owned by Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The Hornets began in 1988 and then relocated to New Orleans in 2001. The NBA then started the Charlotte Bobcats in 2004 while the New Orleans franchise rebranded themselves as the New Orleans Pelicans in 2013. The Bobcats were then renamed the Hornets during the 2014-2015 NBA season.

Charlotte Hornets

Eastern Conference – Southeast Division

Coach Steve Clifford


Game Results and Game High Scorers and Rebounders

01/20vs MIAL, 105-106Nicolas Batum 26Dwight Howard 15
01/17vs WASW, 133-109Bradley Beal 26Dwight Howard 15
01/15@ DETW, 118-107Dwight Howard 21Dwight Howard 17
01/13vs OKCL, 91-101Russell Westbrook 25Dwight Howard 17
01/12vs UTAW, 99-88Donovan Mitchell 35Dwight Howard 13
01/10vs DALL, 111-115Kemba Walker 41Dwight Howard 12
01/05@ LALW, 108-94Brandon Ingram 22Brandon Ingram 14
01/02@ SACW, 131-111Zach Randolph 24Skal Labissiere 15
12/31@ LACL, 98-106Louis Williams 40DeAndre Jordan 16
12/29@ GSWW, 111-100Dwight Howard 29Dwight Howard 13
12/27vs BOSL, 91-102Kemba Walker 24Dwight Howard 17
12/23vs MILW, 111-106Khris Middleton 31Dwight Howard 16
12/22@ MILL, 104-109Kemba Walker 32Marvin Williams 10
12/20vs TORL, 111-129Jeremy Lamb 32Dwight Howard 9
12/18vs NYKW, 109-91Frank Kaminsky 24Dwight Howard 10
12/16vs PORL, 91-93C.J. McCollum 25Dwight Howard 15
12/15vs MIAL, 98-104Kemba Walker 25Dwight Howard 16
12/13@ HOUL, 96-108Chris Paul 31Dwight Howard 18
12/11@ OKCW, 116-103Russell Westbrook 30Steven Adams 10
12/09vs LALL, 99-110Kemba Walker 23Kyle Kuzma 14
12/08vs CHIL, 111-119Dwight Howard 25Dwight Howard 20
12/06vs GSWL, 87-101Kevin Durant 35Kevin Durant 11
12/04vs ORLW, 104-94Kemba Walker 29Nicolas Batum 11
12/01@ MIAL, 100-105Josh Richardson 27Justise Winslow 11
11/29@ TORL, 113-126Kyle Lowry 36Dwight Howard 10
11/25vs SASL, 86-106Kemba Walker 18Dwight Howard 11
11/24@ CLEL, 99-100LeBron James 27LeBron James 16
11/22vs WASW, 129-124John Wall 31Dwight Howard 13
11/20vs MINW, 118-102Dwight Howard 25Dwight Howard 20
11/18vs LACW, 102-87Kemba Walker 26Dwight Howard 16
11/17@ CHIL, 120-123Kemba Walker 47Dwight Howard 9
11/15vs CLEL, 107-115LeBron James 31Kevin Love 10
11/10@ BOSL, 87-90Kemba Walker 20Jaylen Brown 13
11/07@ NYKL, 113-118Kristaps Porzingis 28Dwight Howard 9
11/05@ MINL, 94-112Andrew Wiggins 20Gorgui Dieng 11
11/03@ SASL, 101-108Jeremy Lamb 27Dwight Howard 13
11/01vs MILW, 126-121Khris Middleton 43Giannis Antetokounmpo 13
10/30@ MEMW, 104-99Kemba Walker 27Tyreke Evans 10
10/29vs ORLW, 120-113Kemba Walker 34Nikola Vucevic 11
10/27vs HOUL, 93-109James Harden 27Dwight Howard 16
10/25vs DENW, 110-93Frank Kaminsky 20Dwight Howard 19
10/23@ MILL, 94-103Giannis Antetokounmpo 32Dwight Howard 22
10/20vs ATLW, 109-91Kemba Walker 26Dwight Howard 15
10/18@ DETL, 90-102Tobias Harris 27Dwight Howard 15