Learn The MLB Daily Fantasy Process with our Stats, Tools and Cheat Sheets

Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Dashboard. We include both free and premium content to help you dominate your daily MLB leagues. The premium content includes:

  • Top Plays: We compile all the most important statistics together into top 10 by position. Instead of spending hours trying to find the right stats our data engine maps them out for you.
  • MLB Stacking Tool: Stacking the right team is the difference between a minimum cash or winning a GPP. Our MLB stacking tool makes it easy to target the teams projected to score the most runs.
  • Vegas Data: This includes over/under, team run projections and favorites.
  • Weather Data: Weather is more important in baseball than any other sport. Our data engine pulls weather patterns for you and gives you a color coded percentage. Green means go while red is a game you’ll want to fade.
  • Top Pitchers: Pitcher is the most important position in fantasy baseball. Our pitcher projections provide a guide map to picking the right pitcher night in and night out. You won’t have to look for all the most important stats. They are all right there and our data engine will give you the top pitchers for that night.
  • Batter Projections: wOBA, iso, handedness, pitcher matchup and more are all taken into account. Instead of wasting time looking all these stats up we come up with a projection for you. This way you can cherry pick all the top plays and cut down your research time.
  • MLB Cheat Sheets: If stats overwhelm you our cheat sheets will help. They are built using data engine. All you have to do is cherry pick the top plays. This will cut down your research time so you can spend more time winning and enjoying the games.
  • Premium Chat Room: While statistics are great they can sometimes overwhelm. Baseball is famous for having an infinite amount of statistics you can slice through. Our writers and pros are available at all times to answer your questions in our premium chat room. It’s like having a personal DFS MLB coach on your mobile phone.


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